Hotmomma95 Tiktok Drama Explained, Her Age Kids And Partner Revealed

hotmomma95 aka kristin arteaga

Hotmomma95 Tiktok Drama went viral on TikTok. It started when one TikTok user shared a screenshot where Kristin, aka Hotmomma95, appeared to use racial slurs and offensive language.

Kristin Arteaga, who goes by the username “Hotmomma95,” is a prominent TikTok star from the United States.

As a result of her immense popularity on Tiktok, she has 3.6 million followers.

In addition to being a TikTok influencer, she is also a fitness enthusiast and has established herself as an Instagram star, further expanding her social media presence.

Arteaga is best known for her comedic video clips, dancing videos, and lip-syncing performances on TikTok.

Her oldest captured TikTok video is from April 2020. In it, she shows how cute her son was when he saw a scene from A Bug’s Life, a popular Pixar movie.

Since starting her TikTok account, she has experienced nothing but success and has become a significant influencer in social media.

Hotmomma95 Tiktok Drama Explained

In November 2020, a TikTok user accused Kristin Arteaga, Hotmomma95 on the platform, of using racial slurs on social media.

The user shared screenshots where Kristin appeared to use the n-word and asked her to take responsibility for her actions.

Hotmomma95 Tiktok Drama
Hotmomma95 aka Kristin Arteaga (Source: Instagram)

Kristin did not respond to the allegations, which led the TikTok user to share a video on YouTube, claiming that TikTok kept deleting her video because she was less popular than Kristin.

The user said Kristin should admit her mistake and apologize for using such language.

Using racial slurs or any other discriminatory language is not acceptable and can cause harm to others.

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Kristin Arteaga Age Kids and Partner Revealed

Kristin Arteaga, also known as Hotmomma95, was born on August 16, 1995, making her 27 years old.

She is originally from Oklahoma, United States, and holds American nationality.

Kristin is married but has not revealed her husband’s name to the public. She is also a proud mother of three children but has not revealed their names on social media.

Kristin Arteaga
Kristin Arteaga with her husband and children (Source: Instagram)

The TikTok star prefers to keep her personal life private and has not revealed much about her marriage, husband, or kids.

She often shares pictures of her family on her Instagram account, giving her audience a peek at her life.

Kristin has also talked about her son Chase’s struggles with type 1 diabetes, showing that she cares about her family’s well-being and is unafraid to share personal struggles with her followers.

Although she is a devoted wife and mother, Kristin is a social media personality who enjoys creating content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Kristin Arteaga Instagram explored

Kristin, popularly known as Hotmomma95, is also active on Instagram with a following of 106k followers under the username @thekristinarteaga. She regularly posts pictures and videos of her family life, including her husband and children.

Kristin often shares reels with her husband, showcasing their fun and playful relationship on-screen.

Her Instagram feed mixes cooking videos, couple videos, travel pictures, and enjoying time with her family.

Kristin Arteaga
Kristin Arteaga shares pictures of her dogs (Source: Instagram)

Kristin’s TikTok videos and reels with her husband are popular among her followers, and they have gained a significant following on the platform.

In addition to being a devoted mother and wife, Kristin is also a pet lover. She often shares pictures of her pet dog on her Instagram account.

Interestingly, Kristin also has an OnlyFans account. She has over 44.9 thousand likes on her OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is a content subscription service where users can earn money by sharing exclusive content with their subscribers.

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