25 Reasons to Stop Playing Video Games

25 Reasons to Stop Playing Video Games!!!

Let’s face it we all love video games. Every household has some sort of game, be it card games or board games.

Games allow you to enjoy ad relax in your leisure time without having to worry about anything else in the world.

An average gamer spends about 5 to 6 hours every week playing video games. That is about 24 hours a month and roughly 300 hours a year.

Father-Son Playing Video Game (Source: Indian Express)

It is one thing to have a passion but whole another thing to be obsessive.

Hey, I do love gaming. But, as the days passed by, I found out how addictive these games could make you and compel you to escape from what’s really important in your life and hinder your growth and progress.

So, to find out how your favorite hobby can really become toxic to you, just check the below article.

Quick Overview

S.No Reasons
1. Waste of Time
2. Waste of Money
3. Low Return on Investment
4. No Accomplishments in the Real World
5. Failure in Studies
6. Social Isolation
7. Failed Relationships
8. Distorted Sense of Reality
9. Distraction From Goals
10. Unproductive
11. Bad for Your Mental Health
12. Pleasure Hijacker
13. False Sense of Completion
14. Failure to Resolve Conflicts
15. Procrastination
16. Social Anxiety
17. Insecurities
18. Lack of Physical Fitness
19. Laziness
20. Sleep Disorders
21. Eyestrain
22. Lack of Mindfulness
23. Lack of Discovery
24. No Interest in New Things
25. Destroys Inner Peace

Reasons to Stop Playing Video Games

1. Waste of time

Let’s begin with the obvious one. You can lose the track of time while playing video games. You will never know where 3-4 hours of time went.

Now, that’s totally a waste of your precious time invested in nothing.

2. Waste of money

Buying all of the accessories needed for the complete video game setup, like consoles, controllers, and games, is too costly.

And, it’s totally a waste of money which you can use to buy creative, self-help books, or spend it in learning creative things or enroll in personal development classes.

3. Low return on investment

Of course, you are getting pleasure and perhaps feeling the greatest in your own world by playing and winning virtual games.

But what about in reality?

How much have you gained throughout your investment in video games? Are you well-valued?

Well, you are not. So, instead of investing in video games, start investing in something that matters and will give you profit for your future.

4. No accomplishments in the real world

Well, you are getting high on your habit of video gaming by taking a break from the outer world.

You might be having a lot of fun, scoring the best, or perhaps some are still hustling to score the best points.

But, what about your daily tasks and your life responsibilities. Are you escaping them too?

Playing video games will profit you nothing except the professional gamers.

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5. Failure in studies

Since video games waste your precious time, it directly hits your study schedule. You get bored at the long lectures in the classrooms, you never really open your books at home, let alone assignments.

Instead, you dwell into your same fast dopamine-boosting activity, video games.

If you are one of these people, you should quit right now before it gets too late.

6. Social isolation

With the advancement in technology, nowadays, you can easily connect with international players, form clans, chat and play games.

Awesome, isn’t it?

But, if you think you are socializing, then you are in danger. You need to get out and meet with real people.

7. Failed relationships

Giving your precious time on several hours of video gaming, you are losing your possibility to meet new people, make new friends or encounter a romantic relationship.

Technological enhancements have made it possible to meet new people online, but you won’t be able to get to know them better. It is not going to be as good as a physical meeting.

Also, the gaming console won’t do any help to influence people around you.

8. Distorted sense of reality

By spending too much time on your video gaming hobby and losing out on the real experiences and connections from the real world, your foundation of beliefs and principles of life will change as you see and perceive the gaming world.

But, you can’t see and perceive the true-life clearly with your blurred lenses.

9. Distracts from goals

Video gaming is total escapism from the reality and the goals you have in your life.

You are not determined or self-motivated, can’t focus, can’t work or reach your goals, and can’t build your life as you desire.

Please take my advice and give up gaming.

10. Unproductive

Too much video gaming every day makes you unproductive.

You waste your valuable time, a whole lot of it actually in leveling up in a game that you forget to put the real work and level up in your life.

You miss out on important events, delay your tasks, learn nothing new, and also you can’t enhance your creativity.

11. Bad for your mental health

Many psychological studies have shown that playing frequent and excessively violent “shooter,” games like Call of Duty can lead to brain damage and a high risk of Alzheimer’s, resulting in negative emotions and attitudes.

Moreover, reports from the Journal of Health Psychology verified that addiction in gaming leads to obsessive-compulsive disorder, low-self esteem, lack of concentration, high impulsiveness, and depression.

12. Pleasure hijacker

Video games are great at boosting up your dopamine within a short time, that’s why they are so addictive.

You just need to complete your level, then, boom, you automatically get rewards, wanting to reach more levels whether through collab gaming or solo mode.

In this case, the rest of the daily tasks seem too boring, like studying. They won’t give you a fast boost to your brain as gaming does.

13. False sense of completion

With every increasing level in your gaming, you feel superior in what you have achieved throughout the game.

So, you have a false sense of completion with the illusion of perception that “I’m the best and nobody can beat me!”

Well, life will beat you to the dust in real if you are too indulged.

14. Failure to resolve conflicts

Often people who indulge in video games and aren’t too much connected and present in real life and have hard times while trying to resolve conflicts.

They lack social skills, though nobody is socially over fluent, one must basically have social skills and learn to resolve the conflicts as tactfully as they can.

But, excessive gaming lessens the social skills and ability to solve real-life problems in individuals.

15. Procrastination

Excessive video games make you a top procrastinator.

Has it ever occurred to you that you say just 30 minutes and the whole day passes by with your important tasks left incomplete?

Often people find it difficult to complete tasks that they would have easily completed in their past days if they weren’t that much into gaming stuff.

16. Social Anxiety

With excessive gaming, you are making yourself open to nothing but social anxiety.

Isolating yourself in your room and being busy with video games is fun, isn’t it?

But, when it comes to meeting new people and enjoying the celebrations with family members or presenting or building connections with people around you in any type of social event, you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Of course, you are, now look at the negative effects it has created in your beautiful life.

So, throw away those video games and try to be more confident and presentable.

17. Insecurities

Too much video gaming causes low-self esteem in individuals, making them insecure in every aspect of their life.

With excessive gaming, you become prone to isolating yourself from real life, your goals, important tasks, people around you, making you unable to express yourself as you could do before your toxic gaming habits.

You find out everything in your life falling apart, missing a lot of chances and social connections, losing your dignity and value, and your fading goals too.

You finally begin to question your existence with hope lost in your way.

18. Lack of physical fitness

Excessive gaming makes you physically dull with lesser physical movement, exercise, and physical tasks.

Moreover, studies have shown that game addiction results in cardiovascular stress, wrist pain and negatively impacts your nervous system.

19. Laziness

With your daily fixated gaming schedule, you are prone to becoming lazier with no interest in anything except the games and the levels you have to achieve.

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20. Sleep disorders

Excessive video gaming can negatively impact your sleep cycles.

You will face difficulty getting normal sleep, suffer from insomnia, and disrupt your qualitative sleep.

The next day you will wake up with dark circles, sore eyes, and a tired body and brain.

21. Eyestrain

Prolonged viewing of the game screen can result in eye strain, eye discomfort,  dark circles, blurred vision, and headaches.

So, stop playing video games for extended periods.

22. Lack of mindfulness

Video games withdraw you from being fully present at the moment and being aware of everything that is happening within and around you.

So, you lack the boundless possibility of trying and achieving greater things in your life.

23. Lack of discovery

With video gaming addiction, you won’t be able to discover yourself and the world around you.

You get so intoxicated with your bad habits of dwelling in games that you will be absent from meeting new opportunities and going on an adventure in your journey.

24. No interest in new things

The only thing gamer ever thinks is about the game and their achievements, except that they won’t even think of investing or trying some new things for real.

They hide from the new and challenging things in their life that could broaden their mind and grow them in every aspect of their life in a positive way.

25. Destroys inner peace

With all of the stress, anxiety, failed studies and relationships, and hopelessness, you will never find the inner peace you’ve been seeking your whole life. This point is correlated with the rest of the 24 above points.

So if you want peace of mind and soul, you need to trash your gaming consoles and start to focus on your responsibilities.

Go out, have fun, get a tattoo, sing even if you are bad at it, take that dance class you’ve always wanted, life is beautiful.

All in all, LIVE!

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