Meet Stipe Miocic Brother Jonathan: Family Tree And Wife

Stipe Miocic Brother

People are curious about MMA fighter Stipe Miocic brother amidst the player’s upcoming UFC competition against Jon Jones.

Stipe Miocic is a professional mixed martial artist hailing from the United States.

Miocic presently participates in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He also holds the prestigious title of former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Stipe is widely recognized by critics, commentators, and the media as the preeminent heavyweight fighter in the history of the UFC.

Additionally, he has achieved a remarkable feat in the UFC heavyweight division by securing a record-breaking nine fight-night bonus awards which is the highest number in its history.

And as of April 25, 2023, he holds third in the UFC heavyweight rankings.

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Meet Stipe Miocic Brother Jonathan

Fans are curious to know about Stipe Miocic brother as he is not widely known.

The mixed martial artist has a stepbrother named Jonathan.

While Stipe has garnered widespread recognition for his accomplishments in the UFC, his brother Jonathan has maintained a low public profile.

The player also doesn’t share pictures with his brother on social media.

Nonetheless, Stipe Miocic brother has been a constant source of support and inspiration for his brother throughout his fighting career.

Stipe Miocic Brother
Stipe Miocic brother, Jonathan likes to live a low-key life. (Source: Sportsnet)

Despite being stepbrothers, the two share a close bond. They also share a passion for sports from a young age and often engage in friendly competitions.

While Stipe Miocic brother may not have received the same level of recognition as his brother, he has embraced his role as a supportive sibling wholeheartedly.

Moreover, although he has not pursued a career in professional fighting like his brother, he is well-settled and content in his life.

Furthermore, he is an uncle to his adorable niece and nephew.

Explore Stipe Miocic Family Tree

The UFC heavyweight champion was born on August 19, 1982, to his parents, Bojan Miocic and Kathy Miocic, in Euclid, Ohio.

His parents moved to the United States from Croatia because of political instability in their homeland.

However, Stipe’s parents separated during his early childhood, and his mother and grandparents raised him.

Therefore, the UFC champion has an emotional connection with his mother and considers her the greatest source of inspiration in his life.

Stipe Miocic Brother
The martial artist Stipe Miocic along with his family. (Source: Instagram)

In many interviews, Miocic has expressed that he has seen his mother working hard to earn a living and provide her kids with a decent lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the athlete also shared a profound bond with his father, Bojan.

However, his father sadly passed away in 2022 as per his Instagram, as he has expressed tribute to his late father.

Additionally, the martial artist is married to Ryan Marie Carney and has two beautiful children.

meet Stipe Miocic Wife

The MMA fighter has been married to Ryan Marie Carney since 2016.

The couple have two kids, an elder daughter named Meelah Claire Miocic and a younger son whose name has not been disclosed publicly.

Moreover, Stipe has a very delightful bond with his wife and children.

He is often seen sharing pictures of his kids and spends a lot of time with them.

Stipe Miocic Brother
Stipe Miocic with his wife and children. (Source: Instagram)

Also, Miocic never leaves a chance to express his gratitude and appreciation for his wife and kids. 

Furthermore, the fighter has expressed that his family keeps his life balanced and grounded.

His ladylove and children are often cheering him up during his training and game.

As Miocic continues to embody the qualities of a devoted family man, he also maintains his formidable presence as a heavyweight contender.

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