Who Is Kathy Maddux, Greg Maddux Wife? Son Chase And Daughter Paige Maddux

Greg Maddux Wife

Greg Maddux wife, Kathy Maddux, has been a steadfast companion, supporting the legendary baseball player throughout his illustrious career and beyond, making significant contributions alongside him in both the realms of sports and philanthropy.

Greg Maddux, full name Gregory Alan Maddux, is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most accomplished pitchers in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB).

He grew up in a unique environment due to his father’s military service, which led to the family living in various locations, including Madrid, Spain. 

He made his league debut in 1986, quickly establishing himself as a remarkable talent. He began to build a reputation as an incredibly precise and intelligent pitcher.

Maddux received a record 18 Gold Glove Awards, which are presented to the best fielding players in the league. He was not only an ace pitcher but also an exceptional fielder.

Throughout his career, Maddux played for several teams, including the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego Padres.

His impact on baseball is immeasurable. He is celebrated not only for his impressive statistics but also for his baseball IQ, and sportsmanship.

Who Is Kathy Maddux, Greg Maddux Wife?

Kathy Maddux is the cherished wife of the renowned former Major League Baseball (MLB) legend Greg Maddux.

Their remarkable journey together began during their high school days at Valley High School in Las Vegas, where they were high school sweethearts.

This enduring love story has spanned over three decades, and the appreciation between the two has only grown stronger with time.

Greg Maddux Wife
Kathy Maddux is the devoted wife of Greg Maddux, the legendary Major League Baseball pitcher. (Source: Alamy)

Greg Maddux wife, Kathy Maddux has played a pivotal role in supporting her husband’s illustrious career. She has also actively joined him in their philanthropic endeavors

Kathy, alongside Greg, founded the Maddux Foundation in the 1990s, dedicating their efforts to making a positive impact in their community.

Throughout their journey, Greg Maddux wife, Kathy has been a constant source of strength, contributing significantly to Greg’s success both in the baseball world and personal life.

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Meet Greg Maddux Son Chase And Daughter Paige Maddux

Greg Maddux and Kathy Maddux take pride in being the parents of two remarkable offspring, Chase and Paige Maddux.

Paige Maddux, was born on December 9, 1993. She is an accomplished graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in communication and media studies.

She has followed in her parents’ footsteps by dedicating her time to “The Baller Dream Foundation,” a non-profit organization that supports children battling cancer.

Greg Maddux Wife
Greg Maddux and Kathy Maddux are proud parents of two wonderful children, Chase and Paige Maddux. (Source: MLB Run)

Chase Maddux, born on April 7, 1997, pursued a baseball career, mirroring his father’s love for the sport. He attended the University of Nevada and played college baseball.

After completing his baseball journey, Chase got engaged to his university sweetheart, Scarlet, and the couple tied the knot on June 26, 2022.

Both Paige and Chase Maddux are actively involved in contributing positively to their community, following the philanthropic legacy set by their parents.

Greg Maddux Net Worth

Greg Maddux, a former Major League Baseball pitcher has amassed a substantial net worth valued at approximately $70 million.

Throughout his illustrious career, Maddux earned his wealth not only through his impressive pitching skills but also from lucrative contracts and endorsements.

Known for his extraordinary control and ability to outwit batters, Maddux enjoyed a career that spanned 23 seasons in the MLB.

Greg Maddux Wife
Maddux delved into real estate investments, acquiring properties in Las Vegas and San Diego. (Source: 11Alive)

He made a significant impact during his time with the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego Padres.

Maddux’s accolades include four consecutive Cy Young Awards from 1992 to 1995 and a record 18 Gold Glove Awards, reflecting his excellence in both pitching and fielding.

Beyond his playing career, Maddux delved into various roles in baseball management, ensuring his enduring impact on the sport.

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