Troye Sivan Parents: Laurelle Mellet And Shaun Mellet, Siblings And Family

Troye Sivan Parents

Wondering about Troye Sivan parents, Laurelle Mellet And Shaun Mellet? Keep reading to learn about the singer’s parents, siblings, and family.

Troye Sivan Millet is an Australian musician, actor, and former YouTuber.

He rose to prominence as a singer on YouTube, posting vlogs and music videos.

The singer has also competed in Australian talent shows, which has increased his popularity.

Sivan signed with EMI Australia in 2013 and released TRXYE, his third extended play, which charted at number five on the US Billboard 200. 

Its first song, “Happy Little Pill,” peaked at number ten in Australia. 

Moreover, “Youth,” the album’s lead track, became Sivan’s first top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 23.

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Meet Troye Sivan Parents Laurelle Mellet And Shaun Mellet

Born on June 5, 1995, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Troye had a lovely childhood supported by his parents and family. 

He is the son of a former model and a homemaker, Laurelle Mellet.

Troye shares a very close relationship with his mother, who gave up her career to look after him and his siblings.

Similarly, Sivan’s beloved father, Shaun Mellet, is a famous real estate agent and an entrepreneur.

Though born in South Africa, the singer shifted to Australia with his entire family at the age of two.

Troye Sivan Parents
Troye Sivan parents relocated to Australia when he was two. (Source: Instagram)

Troye Sivan parents had to relocate concerning the safety of their children as the crime rate in their homeland was increasing then.

The singer’s family lived in Perth, Western Australia, where he spent his childhood safely. 

Additionally, Troye Sivan parents sent him to attend a modern orthodox school, Carmel School.

He studied there until 2009 when he completely switched to distance learning.

Troye Sivan Siblings And Family

Troye Sivan had a lovely childhood growing up with his siblings, who were more like friends to him.

According to ghGossip, the singer has three siblings, two brothers and a sister with whom he shares a very close bond.

Moreover, his two brothers, Tyde Levi and Steele Mellet, and a sister, Sage Mellet, are as accomplished as him in their lives.

All his siblings are available on Instagram, where they are seen posting pictures of their personal and professional moments.

Troye Sivan Parents
Troye Sivan has three siblings; brothers Tyde Levi and Steele Mellet and a sister, Sage Mellet. (Source: Instagram)

Besides that, their social media also provides a glimpse into their strong, loving bonding since childhood.

All four siblings are very close to their parents and are often seen spending together on special occasions like birthdays.

Talking more about his family, the singer also had a grandmother whom he loved dearly.

His mother has often regarded his grandmother as a free-spirited and fun-loving woman. 

Troye Sivan Religion And Ethnicity explored

The singer comes from a family who deeply follows Judaism.

His father was born in a Jewish family and had a Lithuanian-Jewish descent.

After marriage to his mother also converted to Judaism, embracing the Jewish culture and religion.

He was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family and was even sent to a private modern Orthodox school.

Troye Sivan Parents
Despite coming from a religious family, the singer considers himself an atheist. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, his middle name, turned surname Sivan, is of Hebrew origin and means a Hebrew calendar month.

However, despite coming from such a religious family, the singer does not consider himself to be religious. In fact, many of his fans regard him as an atheist.

Regarding his ethnicity, Troye was born to a father of Lithuanian-Jewish descent and a mother of English descent.

Hence, the singer has mixed ethnicity. He is in parts Lithuanian, Jewish, and English.

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