Meet Harriet Dart Boyfriend Stephen Falck Relationship Timeline And Age Gap

Harriet Dart

Harriet Dart, a professional tennis player from the United Kingdom, has been in a relationship with Stephen Falck. In this article, we will explore Harriet Dart Boyfriend, their relationship timeline and address their age gap.

Harriet Dart has become a true force to be reckoned with! This UK professional tennis player continues to make extraordinary strides throughout her career in sports thus far.

Her entrance into the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)s top 100 rankings earlier this year rightly marked Harriet as a rising star in the tennis world today.

Since then, she has continued to exhibit her remarkable skills and determination on the court, which paid off!

As July fades away, we can see that Harriet Dart has achieved an all-time high singles ranking of 84, showcasing her talent when playing solo.

Not only that, though, back in April two thousand nineteen Dart reached number ninety-two for doubles, rightly proving that her excellence isn’t limited to any type of playstyle.

Meet Harriet Dart Boyfriend, Stephen Falck

One cannot ignore Stephen Falck’s impressive credentials as an accomplished model and product engineer from Norway. His ability to excel across diverse fields has earned him respect and recognition amongst his peers.

Falck’s work as an engineer is impeccable. Still, he has also made strides in expanding his horizons by partnering with reputable fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger – testimony to his versatile range.

Harriet Dart Boyfriend
Harriet Dart with her Boyfriend, Stephen Flack. (source: telegraph)

Outside of the workplace labor, Stephen loves sports activities, particularly tennis, a bonding experience for him and his girlfriend, Harriet Dart, a talented professional tennis player.

The duo officially joined Instagram back in 2022 and confirmed their romantic relationship.

Harriet had expressed gratitude for Stephen’s unwavering support, pivotal during trying times when she faced circumstances emanating from prior relationships that might have negatively hampered her career plans.

She acknowledges how much her companionship with Falck impacted positively on herself-encouraging determination to thrive better personally and professionally.

Their friendship abounds through positivity, given the path they trail together while referring to Stephen as a ‘nice boyfriend,’ a testament to how respectful, caring, and supportive they are, tending their love story across both industries.

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Harriet Dart Relationship Timeline

In the past year or so, Harriet Dart has undergone significant developments romantically, thanks mainly to her relationship with Stephen Falck- something visible through the timeline of their story thus far.

In February 2022, Dart was reportedly single, indicating she was not involved in any romantic relationship then.

Harriet Dart
Harriet Dart celebrates after winning the first set during National Bank Open women’s tennis action against Leylah Fernandez. (source: tennis365)

However, by June 2022, she unveiled a new chapter in her love life. Dart introduced her “nice boyfriend,” Stephen Falck, to the world, expressing her happiness and excitement.

As they shared snapshots of their time spent around England, they had a sense of compatibility and ease. Reading Harriet’s words, it became even more evident how Falck had become someone she found comfort in after leaving behind a toxic relationship.

This quality bond strengthened over time, culminating in a vacation in April where cherished memories were created between them.

Soon after, announcing themselves as an official couple is a testimony to their reliability and commitment to each other.

In a twist towards their shared interests, we also learned of an upcoming film project they are producing together that sheds light on their creativity and love for the art form slated for release sometime next year!

Harriet Dart Age Gap

The information does not provide the exact age of Stephen Falck, so it is difficult to determine the age gap between Harriet Dart and Stephen Falck.

However, it is known that Harriet was born on July 28th, 1996, in Hampstead, London, making her only about 27 years old as of 2024.

The age difference between the two individuals can only be established if Stephen Falck’s birthdate or age is known. Without that information, it is not possible to determine the specific age gap between them.

Despite the age difference between Harriet Dart and Stephen Falck, their happiness together is not determined by their ages. Age should not be the sole factor in assessing the success or happiness of a relationship.

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