Ross Mccarthy Sligo RIP Suicide And Death: Parents Dublin Marathon

Ross McCarthy Sligo

Ross Mccarthy Sligo tragically ended his own life. His parents have decided to participate in the Dublin City Marathon in memory of their late son. 

Ross McCarthy was a vibrant young man. He hailed from a beautiful and peaceful city of Ireland called Sligo.

The young man was born in May 1998. He tragically killed himself on May 1, 2023, just two weeks before his 25th birthday.

His passing left his parents, Conor and Cathy McCarthy, devastated and forever changed. They are still mourning the death of their beloved son.

Ross was a sports enthusiast who excelled in golf, skateboarding, and soccer activities. He was known to be a cheerful and considerate person.

The sportsman must have been a university student in the Sligo. He must have been a friendly and hardworking person.

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Ross Mccarthy Sligo Suicide And Death

Ross Mccarthy Sligo suicide sent shockwaves through his family and well-wishers as the young Irish man sadly took his own life.

Ross McCarthy Sligo
Ross McCarthy’s Funeral was arranged at St. Columbia’s Church. (Source: Sligofuneral Home)

His passing has left many people in sorrow. Ross was nearly 25 years old, suggesting he might have been a university student.

It is a reminder of the importance of supporting one another and being aware of the challenges. People might be battling through something even if they do not show it on the outside.

Ross was a sporty and cheerful person. He always smiled and engaged with life with a positive spirit and mindset.

Nevertheless, the 24-year-old chose to kill himself. This shows that a person can always put on a facade of being happy and fine in life.

There are not many details available on how McCarthy took his life. Ross’s funeral arrangements were at St. Columbia’s church in Rosses Point, and burial was at Rathcormac Cemetary.

Additionally, The service was live-streamed for those who could not be there in person. McCarthy’s family requested no flowers. Instead, a donation was made to ISPCA.

Despite the immense sorrow, people who loved Ross came together to remember him. They supported his loved ones during this difficult time.

Friends and family came together to share the pain and sorrows they carry. Ross’s death has been shocking news to his close ones.

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Ross McCarthy Sligo Parents Attending Dublin Marathon

Conor and Cathy McCarthy, Ross’s grieving parents, are taking a courageous journey after losing their late son.

Ross McCarthy Sligo
Ross McCarthy’s parents are participating in the Dublin Marathon for fundraising and awareness for HUGG. (Source: Dublin Live)

Ross’s parents have found support through HUGG in their journey to cope with the immense pain. HUGG is a suicide bereavement charity.

In memory of Ross and to raise awareness for HUGG, MacCarthy’s parents, both experienced runners, have participated in a fundraising mission.

Despite their grief, they have decided to participate in the Dublin City Marathon. The Marathon is going to be held on October 29, 2023.

Running has become Cathy and Conner’s coping mechanism. It is helping them to navigate through the challenges of loss.

His parents are actively promoting HUGG. Moreover, they encourage others, especially men who are underrepresented in support groups.

McCarthy’s parents aim to raise a minimum of $10,000 to help HUGG establish support groups outside Dublin. HUGG will establish a support group in Sligo, where they reside.

Furthermore, people who want to support Conor and Cathy in fundraising can contribute to their GoFubdMe page.

Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy must have been great parents to Ross. It is important to note that it was out of their hands to save their son.

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