Leni Klum Tattoo Meaning, How Many Body Ink Does She Have? Parents And Partner

Leni Klum tattoo

Leni Klum tattoo has quite a touching meaning behind it. Recently the supermodel appeared in Flaunt magazine, collaborating with renowned brands.

Born on May 4, 2004, in New York City, Leni Klum has been rocking the modeling industry. She’s the face of Dior Beauty and Michael Kors. She has landed on different magazine pages, including Vogue Germany. She also works with Dolce and Gabbana.

Leni started her modeling career in 2021 when she was just 16. Her first shoot was with Vogue Germany alongside the Victorious secret model or her mom Heidi Klum.

Leni Klum shares the modeling stage with second-generation models such as Lily-Rose Deep, Jonney Deep’s daughter, and Lila Moss, Kate Moss’ daughter.

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Leni Klum Tattoo meaning – Does Klum have multiple tattoos?

The meaning behind the Leni Klum tattoo is quite sweet. Many people were surprised when they learned about her tattoo because most of us haven’t seen it, and Klum hasn’t shown it either. 

During her interview with Vogue, Klum revealed her tattoo. She said it was a friendship tattoo with her stepfather Tom Kaulitz and Bill Kaulitz, her uncle.

Leni Klum tattoo
 Leni with Tom and Bill Kaulitz. (Source: Instagram)

Leni Klum tattoo is three small dots on the inside of her finger representing herself, Tom, and Bill Kaulitz. She got this tattoo after Heidi Klum, and Tom Kaulitz got married.

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Who Are Leni Klum Parents? 

As we know, Leni Klum is the eldest daughter of the famous supermodel Heidi Klum. Heidi is a German-American model born June 1, 1973. She is 50 years old as of 2024.

Heidi helped her daughter out during her first major shoot with Vogue Germany. The shoot was excellent, with the mother and daughter duo in the frame.

Heidi Klum has been married three times. First, she married Flavio Briatore, an Italian Businessman, and ex-Formula 1 racing team boss. He is also the biological father of Leni. Then in 2005, Heidi married Seal, the famous British singer.

Heidi then gave birth to 3 beautiful children: Henry, Johan, and Lou. However, the couple split in 2014.

Leni Klum tattoo
Heidi Klum supporting Leni during her first shoot with Vogue. (Source: Instagram)

Sources say that Briatore didn’t serve an active role as a father in Leni’s life. Seal was the one who raised her and later, in 2009, adopted her as his daughter.

After many splits and marriages, Heidi again married the Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz on February 22, 2019.

During the marriage proposal, Leni and her siblings were also involved in it. They got married in a yacht named Christina O. Only close people to the couple were invited.

During the Vogue interview, Leni discussed Tom’s proposal to her mom. She said, “He asked all of us, children, for permission.

We brought both of them breakfast to bed at Christmas, he took the ring, and then we all got really nervous when Mom hesitated for a moment” (Heidi Klum only did this to get it exciting).

Leni also has three young siblings named Henry, Johan, and Lou. She really loves and embraces them. Klum also has a half-brother named Natho, Flavio Briatore’s son. Recently she spent a holiday with the Flavio family together.

Meet Leni Klum Partner – Who Is Aris Rachevsky?

Leni Klum is in love with her long-time boyfriend Aris Rachevsky. He was born in 2003 in California and went to study at Harvard University, according to his Facebook. There is not much information about him however, we can find him all over Leni’s Instagram.

Leni Klum Tattoo
Leni Klum and Aris Rachevsky are enjoying their 3rd Valentine. (Source: Instagram)

Recently on September 9, 2022’s fashion week in Milan, we could witness the lovely young couple enjoying their time and supporting each other. 

Leni also said that she wanted to get matching tattoos with Aris under their mouth. However, Heidi didn’t allow it.

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