What Is Brigitte Macron Gender – Is She Trans? Children Partner And Family

Brigitte Macron Gender

In recent days, there is a rumor circulating that the French educator is transgender. Read the article below to know everything you want to know.

Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux Marcon, famously known as Brigitte Macron, is a French former educator. She is also the wife of the current president of France and Co-Prince of Andorra.

Furthermore, she is involved in various organizations, including the Live association, a program that supports and trains young adults over 25 who are neither in employment nor training.

In addition, she has taught French and Latin at the Lycee La Providence. But she stopped teaching in 2015.

She was also elected as the chair of the Hospitals of the Paris-Hospitals of France Foundation, which is working to improve the daily life of patients and healthcare personnel.

What Is Brigitte Macron Gender – Is She Trans? 

Recently, a rumor has been circulating all over the internet stating that the wife of the President is transgender. She has denied this information. 

Furthermore, she is also ready to take legal action over the theory that states she has changed her gender and says that she was born a male. Her name was trending on the internet with hundreds of thousands of mentions.

Macron said she would be taking action against these theories and announced that the legal action has already gone under processing.

Brigitte Macron Gender
Brigitte Macron is going to take legal action against the fake rumors.(Source: Instagram)

The educator believes that this news has spread because her husband became the President of the nation. She believes the anti-vaccine groups, political far-right, and the QAnon conspiracy movement rumored these.

In addition, transgender people must have the freedom to live their life free from all discrimination and harassment.

Regardless of whether they are accurate or not, spreading rumors or making rude comments regarding someone’s gender identity is not acceptable. Everyone needs to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of gender identification or any other trait.

In conclusion, the rumors about Brigitte’s gender identity are false and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Respecting her privacy and treating her with dignity and respect are crucial.

Last but not the least, it is important to be very careful while reading information online and to double-check and claims being made before passing them forward to others.

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Brigitte Macron Children And Partner 

The former French educator has been married twice in her life. Firstly she married to Andre-Louis Auziere on 22 June 1974.

Andre was a banker with whom she had three children; Sebastien, born in 1975, and Laurence, born in 1977. And Tiphaine, who was born in 1984.

They lived in Truchtersheim till 1991, and later on, they moved to Amines. Looking at the marriage they look like they had a great start, but sadly in January of 2006, she got separated from Auziere in Amines. While she was married to Andre, she used her surname, Auziere.

Brigitte Macron Gender
Brigitte Macron and her husband Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. (Source: Instagram)

Secondly, she got married to Emmanuel Macron, her student at La Providence High School, and he was also a student alongside her daughter Laurence. Brigitte and Emmanuel were named husband and wife on 20 October 2007.

Emmanuel is a French politician serving as France’s 25th and current President since he was elected in 2017.

He is also one of the two Co-Prince of Andorra. The President also worked as Minister of Economics, Industry, and Digital Affairs when Francois Hollande was the President.

Finally, during his presidency, he pursued to move to renewable energy sources. He has supervised numerous improvements to labor legislation, taxation, and pensions. He has also signed bilateral deals with Germany and Italy and advocates for changes to the European Union.

Brigitte Macron Family

Brigitte was born on 13 April 1953 in Amiens, France. So as of 2023, she is 70 years old. As she was born in France, her nationality is French, and she follows Roman Catholicism.

She was also raised in Amiens, and she is the youngest of the six children of her parents, Simone and Jean Trogneux.

Brigitte Macron Gender
Brigitte Macron on February 12, 2020, during an intervention on RTL to launch the Yellow Pieces operation. (Source: Instagram)

They were the owners of the five-generation Chocolaterie Trogneux founded in 1872. Currently, the company is known as Jean Trogneux, which is run by her nephew, Jean- Alexandre Trogneux.

In conclusion, she has a Master of Arts degree and a qualification to teach secondary school in French language and literature.

She began her career as a lecturer in literature at the Elite Lycee Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Paris, and she has served as a French and Latin teacher at La Providence a Jesuit high school in Amiens.

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