John Hron Autopsy And Death Photos – Cause Of Death, Family And Case Details

John Hron Autopsy

John Hron was brutally tortured and drowned by four young neo-Nazis. John was a 14 years old Swedish boy who got tortured to death when he declined to declare that he was a Nazi.

Haron was a national-level canoeist, he had also won a bronze medal in the national canoeing youth championship just a month before his tragic death.

This case received nationwide attention within Sweden, the Swedish people were shocked to hear such violent news and this raised a huge anti-racist manifestation to honor Hron’s memory. He even received a posthumous at the inaugural Stig Dagerman Prize for free speech and world speech.

John Hron Autopsy And Death Photos – Cause Of Death

On 17 August 1995, when John Hron decided to go out with his friends for camping at a small lake by Ingetorpssjon as his school was about to start the next week. Who knew this trip would end up with such violence?

John Hron Autopsy
John Hron.(Source: Alchetron)

While they were camping a group of four young boys(15-year-old Mikael Fjällholm, 18-year-old Daniel Hansson, and there was 17-year-old plus an 18-year-old) approached him, they were neo-Nazis who had all strong ties to neo-Nazo skinhead subculture and especially the militant Nazi network Vitt Ariskt Motstånd. The Swedish victim identified the young them as he was a bully at the school he attended.


Similarly, they came in front of him and Daniel threw a can of beer at John’s face they started to demand that he should declare that he loves NAzi and also declare himself a Nazi. Haron declined his order and they started to attack him in response to the answer he gave.

The four boys started to kick him in the head, hitting him, throwing heavy cans of beer at him, and verbally insulting him. These all went on for hours, they kicked him in the back of his head, struck his neck with a burning piece of wood, and burnt him. The boys begged them to let them go several times, but this just angered them more and they continued it more till Haron couldn’t take it anymore. 

After hours of torture and abuse, John managed to get away into a lake, but they threatened him that if don’t come back he will kill his friend so he returned at this point he was shivering with fear and was bleeding from all over his body. 

Finally, his torture ended when the skinheads threw him off the cliff into the lake, luckily John’s friend managed to escape and tell his parents what happened. The abusers were arrested the following day but denied everything to the case but later they confessed. 

John Hron Family

John was born on 25 January 1981 in Sweden but he had a Czech background, His father’s name is Antonin Hron. unfortunately, there is not much available information about Haron’s parents or his family. It is unknown if he had any siblings or if he was an only child.

In addition, despite having a lack of information about his personal life, it can be said that he had a promising future ahead, he had an interest in canoeing and he was quite talented at a young age, he had even won a bronze medal in the youth canoeing championship a month before his dreadful murder,

John Hron Autopsy
Film made on John Haron.(SOurce:IMDp)

Likewise, John’s dad said in an interview,” They want us to feel the pain, and we can feel it in our hearts.” He also said in an interview in 2016,” It would be easier if I could just forget about it, BUt if you become a dad, you’re always a dad. You can’t get away from it. John’s murder has affected my whole life, it isn’t just John, it’s the possibility of us having grandchildren and such that has been taken away from us.”

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John Haron Case details

After the 14-year-old Swedish boy was brutally killed by the four boys they were caught they denied everything they were accused of but later they confessed.

In the court, Danel the 18-year-old was found the main person behind the abuse, he was sentenced to eight years in prison, The 15-year-old Mikael Fjällholm was sentenced to 5 years in the juvenile detention center.

John Hron Autopsy
John Hron is a Swedish boy who was brutally murdered. (Source: Alchetron)

The third one was found guilty of aggravated assault, and he was sentenced to ten months as he did nothing to try to stop the fight. The fourth one was not found guilty of murder or assault so he was just sentenced to four months in prison as he did not try to stop the incident.

In conclusion, he lived a short but it was filled with passion and talents. He will always be remembered by all the people of Sweden and the world for his accomplishment that he got in a short period and also the world will always mourn and grieve his tragic death. 

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