Rick Dickert Wife Stephanie Rae, Age Children And Wedding Details

Rick Dickert

Rick Dickert wife has been the most searched topic on the internet, with many wanting to know about his marital status. Discover details about his age, children, and wedding in this informative article.

An esteemed certified broadcast meteorologist, Rick Dickert has been a prominent figure at KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles since October 1990.

He is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise in weather, traffic and breaking news from the SkyFOX helicopter during FOX’s Morning News & Good Day L.A. broadcasts.

Additionally, Rick has served as an aviation surface weather observer at Ibex Weather since January 2005.

Born on February 9, nineteen-sixty-eight, in coastal Southern California, United States, making currently fifty-four years old.

Rick garnered various recognitions throughout his career, receiving the Golden Mike Award for Outstanding Traffic Reporting in Los Angeles in 2000, among multiple Emmy Awards.

Rick Dickert Wife, Stephanie Rae and children

The values of love and commitment are evident in Rick Dickert’s life as he enjoys spending time with his adored wife, Stephanie Rae, and two blessings from God: Allyssa Dickert and Ambre Dickert.

It is important to note that Stephanie Rae is Allyssa Dickert’s and Ambre Dickert’s stepmother. Rick’s two daughters are the result of his past marriage to Raquel Dickert.

They value privacy, but the rumor is that Rick’s marriage with Stephanie has lasted significantly due to their unconditional love, with all members experiencing complete happiness together.

Rick Dickert Wife
Rick Dickert with her Wife, Stephanie. (source: Twitter)

The eldest daughter Alyssa is already 30, whereas her sister only turns one year wiser on May 30 every year.

Recently there was blissful news shared that Amrbe too got married, her groom being K.Fontaine22, which only intensifies the Dickert family bond.

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Rick Dickert Age

Respected meteorologist Rick Dickert was born on February 9th, 1968, in coastal Southern California and is 54 years old as of 2022. As an Aquarius native, he marks this special day annually by celebrating his birthday yearly.

Though Rick has yet to reveal the exact details of his physical attributes, such as height and weight, it is evident from photographs that he maintains an average height coupled with moderate body weight.

Rick Dickert
Rick Dickert is a Skyfox helicopter reporter for Fox 11 Los Angeles. Operating at 1000 feet above LA! (source: stormhour)

Thanks to obtaining an education at San Jose State University and UCLA, where he pursued studies in meteorology and geography, respectively.

Today, Rick Dickert holds full membership status at the American Meteorological Society, recognizing him as a professional within this field since being elected back in 1994.

His ability to combine knowledge gathered through academic pursuits with real-world experience has allowed him to establish himself successfully within this industry of certified broadcast meteorology reporting – where accuracy remains paramount.

Rick Dickert Wedding Details

Rick Dickert tying the knot with Stephanie Rae is a cherished milestone commemorating a significant juncture in his private life – one held dear to him personally but not necessarily exposed publicly.

Clues suggest that Rick chooses not to divulge intricate details surrounding his nuptial ceremony, highlighting his desire to keep private matters away from prying eyes in an age defined by media attention-grabbing culture.

Nonetheless, any delving into available information confirms unequivocally that Rick finds solace in being beside Stephanie continuously, as they share a mutually supportive and affectionate relationship that has stood the test of time.

Keeping low-key wedding details private could stem from a clear choice on their part to guard themselves against invasive public probing – a reasonable approach taken by some celebrities like Rick.

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