Ashley Reeves Husband 2023: Is She Married To Sam Shelton? Family Ethnicity

Ashley Reeves Husband

Who is Ashley Reeves husband? The secrecy surrounding the Illinois teen’s horrific case has left many disturbed, leaving them curious to unveil her family background. 

Ashley Reeves is a notable American lady who was brutally attacked by her teacher, Sam Shelton. Likewise, she received recognition with the release of her book “Left for Dead.”

Ashley, in the tragic incident, endured thirty hours in severe pain. Similarly, she was unconscious and unable to move until officers discovered her alive.

Ashley was 14 years of age when she was brutally attacked by her former English teacher, Sam Shelton.

Ashley lives a low-key life and she does not frequently talk to the media. 

Reeves’s survival tale inspires many and gives them strength going through such tragedy. Moreover, she is an advocate for abuse victims.

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Meet Ashley Reeves Husband: Is She Married To Sam Shelton? 

Ashley Reeves has not revealed any further details on her marriage, set on ensuring that her personal life remains private.

Also, Reeves has followed that same pattern to this day. hence, it remains unclear whether Ashley has a partner, is married, or is in any other kind of relationship.

In April 2006, Ashley Reeves was in a seemingly content relationship with Jeremy Smith. Reportedly, the two dated for over two years, and appeared to be genuinely in love, with him adoring all sides of her.

Even Ashley’s parents liked him. However, her parents were unaware that their daughter was also privately involved with Samson Shelton, 26, her former seventh-grade teacher.

Ashley Reeves Husband
Ashley Reeves Husband: The inspiring woman moved on with her life after a horrible incident that nearly took her life. (Source: YouTube)

Ashley Reeves was 17 when she was in an alleged affair with her former teacher, Samson Shelton who was her teacher in seventh grade in 2001.

As per truecrimedaily, Jeremy showed genuine concern throughout the inquiry.  He said after the incident: 

I love her to death. I’m just so horrified. I wish I would’ve called her.

As for the last time he spoke with his estranged partner, Jeremy revealed that she had texted him to call her if he got a moment.

In a 2017 interview with Crime Watch Daily, Reeves revealed that she was stable and happy as a working mother of two. She said: 

I’m a fighter and I just keep wanting to push myself harder. I am grown and got a better outlook on life. Never give up on yourself. Every day it’s a struggle, but you just gotta keep on trudging.

As of now, Ashley Reeves serves as a volunteer for the Violence Prevention Center.

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Ashley Reeves Family And Ethnicity

Inspiring woman Ashley Reeves was born to Tracey Green Koenig, and Michelle Reeves on 31 January 1983. Likewise, her family raised her in Belleville, Illinois, United States.

Regarding her ethnicity, Reeves is Caucasian. Moreover, she has two siblings, a brother and sister named, Daniel Koenig and Madison Koenig.

Ashley Reeves published her real-life storybook entitled “Left for Dead” in 2009.

Even a movie titled, ‘Left for Dead; The Ashley Reeves Story’ depicts her survival story.

Ashley Reeves Attempted Murder Case Update

A former teacher who left then-teenager, Ashley Reeves, for dead after snapping her neck pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

Moreover, Reeves revealed that she did not expect an apology. She said, “I’m glad it’s over with.” 

Unfortunately, Reeves underwent several rehabilitation sessions for the broken neck and other injuries she suffered in April 2006.

Fortunately, the victim was not paralyzed. However, she had to learn how to swallow, talk, and move her head and arms again.

Reeves continued her life as an aspiring teen at the time she graduated from high school in 2007.  

Aggressor Samson Shelton declined to address the court. Likewise, the former teacher was sentenced to 20 years in jail for attempted first-degree murder.

Reeves’ family also signed off on the sentence and the plea deal and noted the plea deal spares her from having to testify. Moreover, St. Clair County State’s Attorney Robert Haida announced:  

Ashley needed to have some peace. 

Reportedly, aggressor Shelton once taught at the same middle school Reeves attended. 

Ashley Reeves husband
Ashley Reeves husband: The woman was attacked by her former teacher, leaving her seriously injured in the woods. (Source: IMDb)

Moreover, the criminal stated to authorities that he and Reeves had a physical relationship once and he was trying to call off the affair while driving.

As suggested in Shelton’s videotaped statement, the former teacher unbuckled her seat belt and tried to eject the teen from the car.

Also, the aggressor revealed that he heard her neck pop and her body went limp. Eventually, he carried her into a wooded area in a city park “to make it seem like Reeves got strangled there.”

The criminal’s plea came after a judge permitted a psychiatrist’s assessment that the former teacher was mentally healthy. Moreover, Shelton’s competence was questioned following an apparent suicide attempt.

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