Brigitte Macron Children: Tiphaine Auzière, Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, Sébastien Auzière

Brigitte Macron Children

Who are the Brigitte Macron Children: Tiphaine Auzière, Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, and Sébastien Auzière? Revealing the meaningful influence they’ve had on their mother’s life.

Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron, formerly Auzière, is the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron.

She began her career as a teacher, working at various schools in France, including prestigious institutions.

Despite an unsuccessful run for a city council seat in 1989, her political role gained prominence when her husband ran for the presidency in 2017.

During the campaign, he proposed creating an official “first lady” title for her, which sparked debate and ultimately led to her not holding the official title or budget.

Macron remains a significant figure in French politics and society, playing an active role in her husband’s career.

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Brigitte Macron Children: Tiphaine Auzière, Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, Sébastien Auzière

Brigitte Macron, previously known as Brigitte Auzière, is the mother of three children from her first marriage: Tiphaine Auzière, Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, and Sébastien Auzière.

Tiphaine Auzière is the youngest of her four children and was born in 1984.

She is known for her close relationship with her mother, which has been part of her life throughout her political journey.

Brigitte Macron Children
Trogneux, alongside her daughters Tiphaine Auziere and Laurence Auziere-Jourdan, during a campaign gathering in Paris. (Source: CNN)

Sébastien Auzière, born in 1975, is the eldest of the former teacher’s children and has pursued a successful career in statistics and market research.

He also played a role in managing Emmanuel’s social media presence during his presidential campaign.

Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, born in 1977, is a renowned French cardiologist.

She actively campaigned for her stepfather’s during the 2017 French presidential election.

Brigitte Macron Husband

Emmanuel Macron, born in 1977, is the 25th President of France. Before his presidency, he had a diverse career.

The president initially pursued education, studying philosophy at Paris Nanterre University and completing a master’s in public affairs at Sciences Po.

He continued his education at the prestigious École nationale d’administration in 2004.

Transitioning from a civil servant role at the Inspectorate General of Finances, he entered investment banking at Rothschild & Co.

The president ventured into politics, serving as Deputy Secretary-General to President François Hollande and later as the Minister of Economics, Industry, and Digital Affairs under Valls.

Brigitte Macron Children
Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older than him. (Source: New York Post)

In 2016, he founded the centrist “En Marche” movement, key to his presidential campaign.

Emmanuel’s election in 2017, at the age of 39, made him the youngest French president in history.

He secured re-election in 2022, a rare feat in French politics. His presidency has seen domestic reforms, including labor and tax changes, as well as a focus on renewable energy and pandemic response.

Macron has also been active in European and international affairs, advocating for EU reform, signing significant treaties, and condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Brigitte Macron Family and Married Life

Brigitte Macron’s family life and marriage have been of public interest due to her unique journey.

On June 22, 1974, she married banker André-Louis Auzière, with whom she had three children: Sébastien, Laurence, and Tiphaine.

The family initially resided in Truchtersheim and later moved to Amiens in 1991.

In 1993, at the age of 40, her life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with 15-year-old Emmanuel at La Providence High School in Amiens, where she taught.

Emmanuel was not only a student but also a classmate of her daughter, Laurence.

Their connection deepened over time, eventually leading to her divorce from André-Louis Auzière in January 2006 and her marriage to her now-husband in October 2007.

Brigitte Macron Children
Brigitte Macron at her wedding to André-Louis Auzière (circled) in June 1974. (Source: Daily Mail)

Brigitte’s expanded family includes her three children from her first marriage, her husband Emmanuel, and her stepchildren through her marriage to the president. In total, she has seven grandchildren.

Macron has played an active role in her husband’s political career.

She supported him during his presidential campaigns and took on responsibilities that befit the role of France’s First Lady.

This was despite the debate surrounding her official title and budget allocation. She continues to be a prominent figure in French politics and society.

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