Richard Quest Mugshot, Arrested For Buying Meth? Age And Case Update

Richard Quest Mugshot

Richard Quest Mugshot is not publicized yet, but yes, he had Meth in his pocket while getting arrested. Richard is a British Journalist and a non-practicing barrister working as a news host in the CNN business.

Richard was born on 9th March 1962 in England, United Kingdom. He is also known as a writer and producer for Future Cities, CNN Breaking News: Terror Attempt on U.S. Airliner, and Quest Means Business.

Quest is native to England, and he was born and raised nearby Liverpool, Lancashire, and Merseyside. He grew up in a Jewish family. He studied at the state comprehensive Roundhay School in Leeds and, later on, at Airedale and Wharfedale College and the University of Leeds, where he completed his Bachelor of Laws

He was called the Bar after graduating 1983. In the academic year 83 to 84, he spent in America in Nashville, Tennesse, at Vanderbilt University. Quest was also the news director for a school-run radio called WRVU.

Richard Quest Mugshot, Arrested For Buying Meth?

CNN journalist Richard Quest was arrested from Central Park on 15th April 2008. He had some drugs in a pocket and a rope weirdly tied to his body; a rope was tied around his neck and connected to his genitals. He was also found with a sex toy inside his boot. Richard was initially caught loitering.

Richard Quest Mugshot
Anchor and Correspondent, CNN Business editor-at-large. (Source: CNN)

Later he was found with an oddly tied rope. After searching, police found the sex toy inside the boot, later journalist admitted that the drug found inside his left jacket was crystal methamphetamine or Meth, which is a controlled substance.

The judge from the New York court ordered the journalist to undergo six months of classes and counseling after he was arrested in Central Park with a controlled substance. Richard was well known for his boisterous and quirky style, seen on CNN International.

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The lawyer of Quest, Alan Abramson, said that the court had ordered Richard to take counseling and he would be dismissed.  The park was closed for some time after the incident at 1 am.

The journalist had no idea about the curfew he caused and returned to the hotel with his friend. The issue was scheduled to be dismissed.

Richard Quest Age

Quest was born on 9th March 1962. So, he is 60 years old. He started his journalism career after becoming an intern journalist at the BBC in 1985; after two years, he joined the financial sector. In 1989 he was transferred to New York City 1989 to be an American Business correspondent for the BBC.

Richard Quest Mugshot
Recent picture of Richard Quest.(Source: EWN)

He also worked for the then-fledgling of BBC news 24 channel from the United States. The reporter was the business correspondent reporting on and discussing the world stock market as a regular segment called World Business Report.

He also occasionally appeared on an early morning show called CNN Business Breakfast. Quest joined a venture of CNN in 2001, launching Business International.

In 2006, Al Jazeera offered him to join them as an english news reporter on their channel, but he refused the offer as he thought being gay and Jewish might not be favorable for both parties.

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In 2015, He announced that to host a show called 500 questions, a game show on the ABC channel; later, Quest was not on the second season as he got replaced by Dan Harris. The same year, he appeared as a contestant on The CNN Quiz shows with Brooke Baldwin.

Richard Quest Case Update

According to Richard’s lawyer, Alan Abramson, he got dismissed by the court if he was ready to take the counseling regarding the substance he was caught with and had some embarrassing moments in his life.

Richard Quest Mugshot
Richard celebrating AtlantaPride2018 with his partner Chris. (Source: Twitter)

Richard is also known as the Aviation Correspondent of CNN, and covered the mysterious case of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370, which disappeared on 8th March and was never found.

Later on, he wrote a book about the incident called The Vanishing of Flight MH370: The True Story of the Hunt for the Missing Malaysian Plane, and the book was published on 8th March 2016.

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