Where Are Cameron Herrin Parents Cheryl and Chris Herrin Now? Siblings And Case Update

Cameron Herrin

Cameron Herrin Parents: The now 24-year-old convict was born to parents Cheryl and Chris Herrin in a decent household, however, the tragic accident caused by him changed their life completely.

Cameron Herrin, as a teenager, was involved in a tragic incident on Bayshore Boulevard where he caused the deaths of a mother and her daughter while participating in a race.

As a result, Herrin was sentenced to 24 years in prison for his role in the fatal crash. The victims of the accident were Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt, aged 24, and her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia.

The devastating crash triggered widespread outcry within the community and prompted significant changes along Bayshore Boulevard. At the time of the incident, he was 18 years old and was driving a Mustang while racing against his 17-year-old friend, John Barrineau, who was operating a gold Nissan Altima.

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Where Are Cameron Herrin Parents Cheryl and Chris Herrin Now?

Herrin, born in 1999, is the son of Chris and Cheryl Herrin. Prior to the tragic accident that led to their son’s sentencing, his parents supported his career and involvement in racing games.

However, since the incident, the couple has maintained a low profile and kept their personal lives away from the media’s attention.

Chris works as an editor and filmmaker, although specific details about his professional endeavors have not been disclosed publicly. Cheryl holds the position of vice president at State Farm Insurance Company.

The couple relocated to Tampa, Florida, when he was seven years old.

Cameron Herrin Parents
Parents of teens in fatal Bayshore crash described as loving, attentive, and devastated (Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Cameron attended Tampa Catholic School and successfully graduated from Texas Tech University, earning praise from his parents for his academic achievements.

Following their son’s arrest and subsequent legal proceedings, the family has requested privacy and deliberately remained out of the media spotlight. Their focus has likely been on supporting their son during this difficult time.

Cameron Herrin Siblings 

Cameron was raised alongside his older brother, Tristan Herrin. The two brothers share a close bond and often participate in various activities together. Their strong relationship is evident in their shared experiences and the support they provide one another.

However, beyond this general information, there is limited available information about the siblings. Details about Tristan’s background, interests, or personal endeavors are not widely known or publicly disclosed at the moment.

Cameron Herrin Siblings
Tampa police have released the mugshots of Cameron Herrin, left, and Tristan Herrin (Source: Facebook)

As the focus of media attention has primarily been on his brother due to his involvement in the tragic accident and subsequent legal proceedings, the specific details regarding his siblings, including Tristan, have remained relatively private.

Cameron Herrin Case Update

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Nash has denied a request to reduce Herrin’s 24-year prison sentence for causing a fatal crash on Bayshore Boulevard in 2018.

The crash resulted in the deaths of Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt, and her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia, as mentioned previously. The defense lawyer had sought a reconsideration based on comments made by former State Attorney Andrew Warren following the sentencing.

Warren’s voicemail, in which he expressed surprise and disappointment with the sentence, became a focal point in the defense’s argument.

The defense believed that a new hearing should be held to further explore Warren’s views. However, Judge Nash ultimately denied the request, affirming the previously imposed sentence.

The 24-year-old’s legal options have been exhausted, and he is expected to remain in prison until his early 40s. He had pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide charges in relation to the crash.

Warren’s comments have drawn criticism from the defense, with Herrin’s attorney, John Fitzgibbons, describing them as hypocritical.

Warren, who is currently facing a lawsuit challenging his suspension, reiterated that his role as state attorney was to hold the defendants accountable and deliver justice.

The tragic crash occurred on May 23, 2018, when Herrin, then 18, was racing his Ford Mustang GT against his 17-year-old friend driving a Nissan Altima.

Cameron Herrin
Cameron Herrin killed Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and Lillia while driving a Mustang. (Source: perthnow)

Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and her daughter were struck by Herrin’s car as they crossed the road. Witnesses reported that both vehicles appeared to be racing, and the Mustang was traveling at a speed of 102 mph moments before the collision.

Herrin’s friend, Barrineau, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and received a six-year sentence as part of a plea agreement. Despite the recent developments, there are currently no further updates on the Cameron Herrin case.

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