Oscar Piastri Father: Who Is Chris Piastri? Family Tree And Ethnicity

People are curious about the racer Oscar Piastri Father. The racer is competing for McLaren in Formula One World Championship 2023.

Oscar Jack Piastri is an Australian racing driver. He is currently associated with McLaren and served as a reserve driver for the Alpine F1 team.

In 2019 with R-ace GP,  he won the Formula Renault Eurocup and FIA Formula 3 Championship in 2020 and 2021 Formula 2 with Prema Racing.

Only six people have won the GP2/Formula 2 championship in their rookie season; he is the sixth one. Also, the fifth driver to win the GP3/Formula and Gp2/Formula 2 Championship in back-to-back seasons.

He started his career by karting in 2011. He had already participated in professional and championship races by 2014. He moved to the UK in 2016 to continue his career in racing and finished sixth in the World Championship in the same year in Bahrain.

Oscar Piastri has an estimated net worth of around 1 million AUS dollars. His average salary per year as a race driver is 40,000 AUS Dollar

He also won the Formula Renault Eurocup 2019, and his prize was around 600,000 AUS Dollars. He also has a significant social media presence that adds up to his net worth, and he has the full support of his father.

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Oscar Piastri Father: Who Is Chris Piastri?

Chris Piastri is the father of Oscar Piastri, who inspired him to be a racer. Chris is a successful businessman.

Chris brought Oscar a toy racing car when he was just a kid, and that was all it needed for  Oscar to dream about being a racer. He was six years at the time.

“We bought remote-controlled cars when I was on a business trip in America, and Oscar took to that incredibly. He started racing them and got third place in his first-ever against 20 and 30 years olds when he was just six.” Chris said to Sydney Morning.

Chris has been very supportive of Oscar’s career, and he wants his son to succeed. He and Oscar’s other sponsors have already invested about 6.5 million AUSD in his F1 career.

Chris has a thriving automotive software development Company, and Oscar is lucky to have such a supportive father like him.

Oscar Piastri Father
Oscar with his dad Chris at the Austrian grand prix. (Source: Twitter)

“People think top drivers get there because Dad has a big checkbook, but they don’t. ” Chris said that money is important, but they must have extraordinary talent, dedication, and commitment,” Chris said.

Although the financial pressure can be high, sometimes Chris has handled it very effectively and made the wise decision to find new investors and sponsors for his son’s team.

Chris has never missed any chance to praise his son. He expressed his love by saying, “One of Oscar’s biggest strengths by a mile, compared to everyone he is competing against, and this will be a massive string to his bow when he makes it to F1, is his composure. He has immense levels of composure.

“If you are weak mentally, you won’t make it. He was on his own from an early age. He did brilliantly with his studies. But the racing disease would not disappear, and he wants it very much.”

We can sense the pints of proudness in Chris’s words for Oscar.

Oscar Piastri Family Tree and Ethnicity

Oscar Piastri was born in a white Christian family on April 6, 2001, in Melbourne, Australia. He belongs to a well-enough family to support his racing career.

Family is an essential part of any sportsperson’s life. A supportive family is what can make a difference in the end.

As a child, he has traveled to many countries and that has also affected his upbringing in perhaps the best way possible as he got the chance to experience different cultures and ethnic groups.

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