Rachel Mcbrine Obituary: What Was The Cause Of Death? Case Update And GoFundMe

Rachel Mcbrine Obituary

Rachel Mcbrine Obituary got online as she passed away from a sudden medical emergency. Rachel was an employee at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Rachel was born on 16th March 2000 in RI providence. During her infant life or toddler life, she lived in Canton, MA and later moved to Holbrook after a year in late 2001. McBrine was a very creative, energetic and bright child.

She was highly interested in colouring her created characters and writing stories about them. She was excellent at her school works and was the topper of the class. After school, while entering high school, she was sure that she was interested in science as a career.

In 2018, She graduated from high school and was named Valedictorian of Holbrook Middle-Senior High School. Then she got a scholarship from Daron Jean Baptiste Memorial and an academic scholarship for attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 

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In May 2022, she graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biotechnology. After graduating from WPI, she recently got employed at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston as a Lab Assistant. She always dreamt about pursuing a PhD, and after that, she wanted to run a research lab by herself.

Rachel had various interests besides her work; she liked cooking Asian foods, listening to music and crocheting. She was so good at crocheting that she could take a picture from anywhere and turn that into a work of art.

Rachel Mcbrine Obituary: What Was The Cause Of Death?

Rachel was a kind-hearted girl who was obsessive about plants; while passing through any plant shop, she could not resist the plants and wanted to add to her collection. She was always supportive of human equality and also supportive of social justice.

Rachel Mcbrine Obituary
Olivia Graziano, a friend of Rachel Mcbrine posted a tribute on her Social media. (Source: Facebook)

Overall, she loved her friend and family so much. Rachel was a great friend who kept her loved ones a step ahead. She was also a proud friend who could find a perfect gift for her friends.

Rachel Mcbrine was a bright student who recently graduated and got employment at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Rachel died on 13th February 2023 at the DFCI due to a medical emergency at the institute. During the crisis, it was tough to control the trouble.

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She died most recently, and the police officials will make the death reports, and the announcement will soon be public to get more detailed information about the death. Until then, the department has not answered about the employee’s death and the medical emergency, and the actual death reason of Rachel is still unknown.

Rachel Mcbrine Case Update

After the death of Rachel Mcbrine, some sources claimed that the Worcester Polytechnic Institute wanted to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine to all employees, and this might have created the emergency.

Rachel Mcbrine Obituary
Rachel Mcbrine High school graduation picture from 2018. (Source: Facebook)

However, the institute had declared that to keep the safe environment for patients and their family members; the employees must be vaccinated for their protection and patients’ protection.

The police are investigating the case are going on. And the family requested information about the emergency and the death cause.

Rachel Mcbrine GoFundMe

RLG New England organizes a GoFundMe fundraiser on behalf of Robert McBrine. The fundraiser is for Bob McBrine, father of Rachel Mcbrine, who lost her 22 years old daughter on 13th February.

Rachel Mcbrine Obituary
Rachel Mcbrine GoFundMe fundraiser organized by RLG New England Art Department. (Source: GoFundMe)

Condolences can never accomplish the loss of a daughter, and the organizers are in shock and tragic situations with the family members.

The fundraiser program is conducted for the family, which could afford some of the unforeseen expenses. The donation goal is up to $1500; currently, there are 113 donor who donated about $14,495. 

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