Artist Karaikudi Mani Death Cause, Wife Children And Family

Karaikudi Mani Death

Karaikudi Mani Death news has been circulating on social media recently. The renowned percussionist died on May 4, 2023.

Karaikudi Mani was a legendary Indian percussionist renowned for his exceptional mridangam skills.

He emerged as a performer during the peak of his idol, Palghat Mani Iyer, and became one of the greatest mridangam players in the history of Carnatic music.

Mani’s mastery over the mridangam was unmatched, and he was widely regarded as a maestro of the instrument.

He was known for his flawless timing, perfect synchronization, and ability to create complex rhythms that left audiences spellbound.

Apart from his performances, Mani was also an orchestrator. One of his notable collaborations was with Sri VS Narasimhan in 1990, where they presented “Melodyssey,” a project that featured 40 artists playing Western and Indian instruments.

Artist Karaikudi Mani Death Cause

Renowned Indian percussionist, Karaikkudi, passed away on Thursday, 4th May 2023, in Chennai. He was 77 at the time of his demise.

Mani was a stalwart in the Carnatic music scene for over five decades, having made an indelible mark as a mridangam player. His death was first reported by The Hindu News recently.

The cause of his death has not been revealed yet, but it has left a void in the world of music that will be difficult to fill.

His students and colleagues have taken to social media to pay their respects and show how much they miss him.

Karaikudi Mani death
Karaikudi Mani Death: Mani died on May 4, 2023 (Source: Twitter)

Krithika Sivaswamy, a Hindu Tamil entrepreneur, expressed her grief and paid tribute to Mani, calling him a legend and master of the mridangam. She stated, “The legend mridangam master is no more! Om shanti Shri Karaikudi Mani sir. Your brilliance will be missed.”

Ghatam GiridharUdupa, another renowned Indian classical musician and percussionist, also expressed shock and sadness at the news of Mani’s passing. He stated, “I am shattered, shocked, and sad that our great legendary Maha Vidwan Karaikudi Mani sir is no more!!!!”

Mani’s contribution to Indian classical music, especially in percussion, was immense.

His mastery of the mridangam and ability to infuse it with his unique style and creativity won him several accolades and fans worldwide. 

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Karaikudi Mani Wife

As there is no publicly available information about Mani’s personal life, there is no information about his wife.

Karaikudi founded an ensemble in 1986 called Sruthi Laya, which blended melody and percussion.

Karaikudi Mani Death
Information related to Karaikudi Mani is not available (Source: Facebook)

After three years, he established the Sruthi Laya Seva School, which has branches in Bangalore, Australia, Chennai, London, the U.S., and Canada.

He has also worked with acts from other countries and played with famous orchestras like the Finland Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2008, Mani worked with Sarangan Sriranganathan and other Australian artists on a show called “Unity in Diversity,” which was a mix of classical and fusion music.

Karaikudi Mani Children And Family

Kaaraikkudi, a renowned musician, was born on September 11th, 1945, in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. He was taken to Late Sri. T. Ramanatha Iyer and Smt. Pattammal. His musical journey began at the early age of three, and he continued to pursue it with great dedication.

His musical skills were honed under the guidance of several prominent gurus, including Karaikudi Sri Rangu Iyengar, Sri T R Hari Hara Sharma, and Sri K M Vaidyanathan.

He moved to Chennai to further his musical education and received advanced training under the tutelage of Harihara Sharma.

Karaikudi Mani Death
Award from Sri-Karaikudi Mani (Source: Asianet News)

At 18, Kaaraikkudi Mani’s exceptional musical talent was recognized when he received his first national award from the then-President of India, Radhakrishnan.

Mani’s first stage performance took place at 8 in Karaikudi. His hard work and dedication to the art form resulted in the development of the Karakudi Mani Bhani, which won the hearts of many young percussionists and music enthusiasts worldwide.

While information about Kaaraikkudi Mani’s marriage and children is not available, his musical legacy continues to inspire and influence many young musicians.

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