Is Gabbie Hanna Missing – Where Is She Now? Wikipedia Bio Boyfriend And Instagram

Gabbie Hanna

Concerns have arisen about Gabbie Hanna Missing, as she has been inactive on her social media accounts. Fans are worried and hoping for an update from the influencer. 

Gabbie Hanna is an American singer, internet personality, and author.

Hanna first gained popularity on the internet through her YouTube channel, “The Gabbie Show,” which she created in 2014.

In addition to her YouTube career, Hanna has released music as a singer. She debuted her first single, “Out Loud,” in 2017, followed by her EP “2WayMirror” in 2019.

She has also published two poetry books, “Adultolescence” in 2017 and “Dandelion” in 2021.

Despite her success, Hanna has faced criticism and controversy throughout her career.

The singer has also been criticized for her behavior and statements regarding mental health.

Hanna has been open about her struggles with mental health and has used her platform to raise awareness and advocate for mental health resources.

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Is Gabbie Hanna Missing – Where Is She Now?

Gabbie’s absence from social media has left her followers concerned for her well-being, with many expressing their hope that she is doing okay. Unfortunately, there is no official news or update regarding her whereabouts or current state.

However, in 2022, Gabbie’s fans were worried about her after she posted a series of over 100 TikTok videos discussing deep topics such as religion, philosophy, race, and mental health.

The influencer, who often shared her daily life in Los Angeles, went outside her usual content and referred to herself as “Trauma Queen” in these videos.

Gabbie Hanna Missing
Gabbie Hanna has been inactive on her social media recently (Source: Instagram)

Her followers became increasingly concerned after she posted a video where she screamed “help me” into a mirror, prompting them to ask her for help for her mental health struggles.

As a result, concerned fans contacted the Police, who conducted a wellness check on Gabbie.

Gabbie has been open about her mental health struggles, having been diagnosed with ADHD. She has continued to share her daily life with her fans since 2013, but her recent behavior has worried many about her well-being.

Although there is no news on her current situation, her fans continue to send their love and support to her during this difficult time.

Gabbie Hanna Wikipedia Bio

Gabbie, the popular internet personality, was born on February 7, 1991, in New Castle, Pennsylvania, U.S., making her 32 years old.

She is the daughter of James Hanna and Michelle Hanna, a licensed massage therapist.

Gabbie has five sisters, Cherisa Rhae, Monica McCormick, Cecilia Hanna, Genny Hanna, and Madelynn Hanna, and a brother named Sam Hanna.

Hanna is an accomplished academic, having graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in psychology and communications. During her time at the University, she was a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna with her family (Source: Facebook)

However, her real passion lay in creating content, which led her to begin uploading acts to Vine in late 2013.

Her engaging content quickly gained recognition on the app, and she amassed a following of around five million.

Gabbie’s hard work and dedication to her craft earned her several accolades in the industry.

In January 2018, she was nominated for YouTuber of the Year at the 10th Shorty Awards and for the Social Star Award at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend And Instagram

As of 2023, there has been no official news or updates about Gabbie’s current relationship status. She may be currently single or possibly dating someone but keeping it out of the public eye.

However, in the past, Gabbie was in a relationship with Payton Saxon. While there isn’t much information available about him online, it’s clear that he was a supportive partner who frequently shared Gabbie’s music and works with his followers.

gabbie hanna
Gabbie Hanna’s song Head in the clouds is available for pre-orders (Source: Instagram)

The two started dating in late 2019 and seemed happy together for a while. However, in a YouTube video Gabbie posted on June 23, 2021, she announced that they had broken up.

In the video, Gabbie stated that she was now single, indicating that the relationship had ended. Although the video has since been deleted, it’s clear that the two are no longer together.

Gabbie remains active on social media. She has a large following on Instagram, with 2.7 million followers as of 2023. Her account is a platform for her to share personal updates and music and to interact with her fans.

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