Quincy: Kyle Bigelow Obituary Death And Accident Details – Age Revealed

Kyle Anthony Bigelow, a resident of Warsaw, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, April 9, 2023, at Blessing Hospital. Find out about the details of Kyle Bigelow obituary.

The family and the relatives of the late Kyle are mourning for his soul, as he was declared dead all of a sudden.

He was a very honest and kind person, and as a result, the community of Quincy, Illinois, was shocked and grieving at the time.

He took his last breath at Blessing Hospital, which is located in Quincy, Illinois.

Bigelow will be remembered by his loved ones and his colleagues, as he has remained a very kind-hearted human being to them.

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Quincy: Kyle Bigelow Obituary 

Online users wonder about Kyle Bigelow Obituary details as he is no more with us.

A funeral service will be conducted by Pastor John Breshears at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 14, 2023, at Triplett Funeral Home in Mendon.

Following the funeral, Kyle will be laid to rest at Fletcher Cemetery, located north of Lima.

Kyle Bigelow Obituary
Kyle Bigelow Obituary, Mendon Illinois, Kyle Bigelow Has Died (Source: Funeral candle light)

Kyle’s grandmother, Carol Brackensick, and grandfather, Kenneth Bigelow, had passed away before him.

The people who are related to Kyle are praying for his afterlife journey, as they lost one of their pure souls.

Further details about Kyle Bigelow obituary details are not revealed by his family members.

Kyle Bigelow death cause

The sudden death of Kyle has shocked online users, and as a result, they are eager to know about his death cause.

Regrettably, the relatives of the deceased individual named Kyle are unable to disclose the reason for their loved one’s passing.

He was a highly sociable individual who brought joy to every gathering, be it parties, float trips, fishing trips, or road trips.

Bigelow had a knack for making everyone around him happy and cheerful.

In addition to his outgoing personality, he had a contemplative and philosophical aspect to his character.

Kyle Bigelow had an interest in current global affairs, politics, and spirituality.

He enjoyed learning, but he preferred not to do it from books. Instead, he liked to experiment with what he had earned.

Kyle Bigelow age revealed 

Kyle, who was a son of Lee and Jennifer Bigelow, graduated from Unity High School in 2015.

The late Kyle was born in 1996, as of 2024, 28 years old.

He was employed as a landscaper and mower at Emrick Outdoor Maintenance.

One of Kyle’s passions was engaging in outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, and playing with his team, the Outskirts.

In his free time, he enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend, Makenna, his nephew, Walon, and his loved ones.

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