Does Aiden Fucci Have A Sister? Siblings, Parents And Case Update

Aiden Fucci

 No, Fucci does not have a sister. Let’s know about Aiden’s siblings parents and case update.

Aiden Fucci, a school-going teenager, was born in 2007 in St. Johns Country, Florida. The teenager is in the spotlight for the murder of his classmate, Tristyn Bailey.

Fucci was mentally disturbed at a young age. And in the months before the murder, his friends claimed that he openly fantasized about violence and murder.

The troubled teen pleaded guilty and apologized to his and the 13-year-old girl’s families. For the murder of Tristyn in 2021, at 14, police and law were charging him with first-degree murder.

The murderer stabbed her more than 100 times with his hunting knife. She had several open wounds, and a piece of the knife chipped in her skull. Authorities discovered blood stains on his clothes.

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Does Aiden Fucci Have A Sister? Meet Her Siblings And Parents

It seems like Aiden is the only child of his parents; therefore, he doesn’t have a sister. The teen was born in 2007 in Florida to his mother, Crystal Smith, and father, Jason Fucci.

Fucci’s dad claims to be self-employed and mentioned that his company is not doing well in a Zoom meeting with the judge.

Aiden Fucci
Aiden Fucci and his mother, Crystal Smith ( Source: New York Post)

However, Smith isn’t Jason’s wife. The teen used to live with his mother and her partner at that time.

Crystal Smith, Fucci’s mother, is being accused of tampering with evidence in her son’s murder trial by supposedly wiping blood off his pants.

Aiden Fucci: Case Update

The murderer will receive a life sentence with a minimum of 40 years.

Aiden had a private lawyer at first, but he could not afford him due to his parent’s financial insecurity. Public Defender Office provided Public Defense lawyers to represent the accused killer.

A death sentence was not given to the murderer as they considered him a minor.

Tristyn Bailey and her murderer Aiden Fucci
Tristyn Bailey and her murderer Aiden Fucci (Source: People)

In several court trials, Fucci seemed mentally disturbed as he talked about demons. Aiden’s attorney requested a temporary trial waiver because of his mental condition.

The courtroom expected Fucci back On February 23  for a hearing to consider sentencing. Currently, the Florida teen is serving as an inmate in Duval Country Jail.

Although this come occurred in Saint Johns County, that’s because Duval has more facilities for teenagers. The 14-year-old boy, butyryl, murdered his 13-year-old classmate on Mother’s Day in 2021. The local police arrested Fucci on May 10, 2021.

Who Is Tristyn Bailey?

Tristyn was the daughter of Stacy and Forrest. She was the seventh-grade cheerleader at Aiden’s school. The cheerleader’s parents reported her missing on May 9, 2021. she was found in the woods of St. Johns Country.

Tristyn Bailey
The 13-year-old girl murdered by Aiden Fucci (Source: People)

On surveillance, Aiden and the victim were seen together. Around Bailey’s arm, hand, and skull, he stabbed her 114 times and had wounds.

According to Staugushtine, video evidence from a residence saw Tristyn and Aiden walking east on Saddlestone Drive. Shortly after killing Bailey, he returned house holding his white shoe.

Bailey and Fucci were classmates. They were not on bad terms with each other. The cheerleader’s horrific murder case scared the whole town of how a teenager could do such a horrifying act.

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