Who Is Paul Troutman From Oak Island? Wikipedia And Age

Paul Troutman Wikipedia

Paul Troutman Wikipedia attracts attention due to his diverse successes as a researcher appearing in The Curse of Oak Island. Discover more about his personal and professional life.

Paul Troutman is an emerging reality star hailing from the US. The man gained fame for his brief appearance in the History Channel reality series Oak Island.

Paul joined the second season of the reality series. Despite years of absence from the television scene, he is still maintaining his presence. Reportedly, he is also recognized as the son of legendary treasure hunter James Troutman.

Troutman is rarely active on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, he has described himself as an Oak Island researcher on his Twitter handle.

Despite not being active on Instagram, the researcher owns a website, oakislandbook, where his supporters can check out his photos, documents, and reels of Oak Island.

In Oak Island, many treasure hunters search for treasures and artifacts from the 18th Century.

Likewise, the History Channel originally aired the first season on 5 January 2014. Now, it has completed more than eight seasons.

Since it has become one of the popular History Channel series, fans headed back to their second season cast and seek curiosity in learning about Paul Troutman Wikipedia and age. 

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Paul Troutman Wikipedia: Meet The Man From Oak Island

Paul Troutman is a known researcher and emerging American reality star. The researcher gained fame for his appearance in the History Channel reality series The Curse of Oak Island.

Paul Troutman Wikipedia and age
Paul Troutman Wikipedia page is not available as of this writing. (Source: IMDb)

Troutman established a career as a reality star appearing in the History Channel reality series, where several treasure hunters participate search for treasures and artifacts.

The former reality TV star was already searching for the hidden treasure. Similarly, Paul’s success in his professional career has helped him to accumulate decent fame via the reality series.

Speaking of his professional career journey not much is recorded after Paul Troutman appeared in The Curse of Oak Island.

Reportedly, the researcher followed in his father’s footsteps and moved to Nova Scotia in search of Oak Island’s hidden treasure.

In 1965, Paul’s father left for Nova Scotia and launched his search operation for the treasure teaming up with Robert Dunfield and Dan Blankenship.

During his time on the show, Troutman became friends with Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, Dave Blankenship, Craig Tester, and other regular cast.

Moreover, the teacher shared intriguing clues from his father’s original film of his work on the Island.

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Paul Troutman Age: How Old Is He?

Former reality star Paul Troutman seems to enjoy a low-key life and hasn’t revealed much information regarding his personal life, and that includes his birth year.

Paul has remained tight-lipped about his actual date of birth. Hence, his age is still a mystery. However, glancing at his latest pictures, the researcher seems like he is in his mid-forties. 

Paul Troutman Wikipedia age
Paul Troutman Wikipedia: The researcher appearing in The Curse of Oak Island. (Source: IMDb)

Moreover, Troutman was born and raised in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Similarly, he holds an American nationality.

Also, the researcher became interested in Oak Island after his father shifted to Nova Scotia.

Speaking more about his family members, he has a niece Heather Troutman.

Moreover, he hasn’t disclosed his family background. The educated individual prefers privacy in this digital era.

There isn’t much information regarding the former reality star’s personal life but the valuable knowledge and insights he brings from his years of experience is what everyone should focus on. 

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