Jalen Ngonda Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

Jalen Ngonda Age

Renowned for over three decades, Liverpool-based US singer Jalen Ngonda has captivated audiences, prompting fans to seek his age and other personal details.

Jalen Ngonda has become one of the most captivating performers on the current soul scene. Likewise, the singer’s voice resonates with confidence and charm.

Ngonda’s music oscillates raw feeling and elegance.

A few of his popular songs include Don’t You Remember, I Need You, That’s All I Wanted From, Come Around and Love Me, Holler, and more. 

The musician boasts over 25 thousand followers on Instagram as of this writing. However, Jalen is rarely active on social media platforms, with only 94 posts on Instagram. 

Fans love the Maryland-born singer as he brings the ’60s into the present day. Honey-voiced old soul Ngonda’s age has become a hot topic of discussion among his fans. 

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Jalen Ngonda Age: How Old Is He?

Not many esteemed media outlets have mentioned singer Jalen Ngonda’s age.

However, as suggested by the Guardian article published in September 2023, the singer was mentioned as 28 years old at the time.

Hence, it is safe to say that Liverpool-based singer Jalen Ngonda is in his late 20s as of this writing.

But, it is challenging to figure out his birthday as he has rarely revealed it to his fans and media outlets. 

Jalen Ngonda Age wiki
Jalen Ngonda’s age represents his youthful presence in the music industry. (Source: DIY Magazine)

Jalen Ngonda, 28, is an emerging east coast American singer-songwriter.

Ngonda became passionate about music as his father bought a DVD copy of the landmark TV series Roots.

The singer was 10 years old as he walked on a path toward a life in music.

After shifting to Liverpool nearly a decade earlier to enroll at the city’s Institute for Performing Arts, the musician has been recording and performing ever since.

Moreover, the long-promising artist completed his debut album, Come Around and Love Me, in 2023.

Not crossing his 30s, Ngonda has already amassed a wealth of musical achievements, contributing to his early success with hit songs like “Why I Try.”

Jalen Ngonda’s age has become a noteworthy factor in understanding the artist’s evolving perspectives and offering to the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. He says: 

Listeners have often requested to make me sound more contemporary, but I am contemporary.

With a promising career ahead, Jalen’s young age and youthful presence are just some elements in a larger narrative that continues to unfold.

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Jalen Ngonda Wikipedia

Jalen Ngonda is an emerging singer who hails from Maryland.

Reportedly, he moved to the United Kingdom for higher education, joining the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) in mid-2014.

Likewise, the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) Academy highlighted the emerging singer as one of their ‘Most Ready’ artists in 2015.

In the same year, Jalen released some hit tracks, including ‘Holler (When You Call My Name)’ and ‘You Deserve What You Got.’

Jalen Ngonda age wikipedia
Jalen Ngonda performing his nostalgic love song ‘Why I Try’ live at PRS for Music’s Sleeve Notes. (Source: YouTube)

Ngonda has become an emblem of musical prowess, gaining attention for his soulful contributions to the genres of soul/ R&B.

He has played a pivotal role in chart-topping hits like “Don’t You Remember,” solidifying his prominence in the industry.

Additionally, he is booked with several tours this year, with his events locations ranging from France to Germany.

Ngonda plans to appear in Remis, Paris, in March while visiting Amsterdam on the 2nd of April. 

Also, he planned his musical tour in Cologne, Germany, on the 5th of April and had an event in Frankfurt on the 4th of April.

Overall, he has planned several European tours in 2024. 

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