Luana Andrade Family: Parents, Siblings And Husband

Luana Andrade Family

Who Is Luana Andrade Family? The tragic death of a Brazilian influencer after undergoing knee liposuction is all over the internet.

Luana Andrade was a Brazilian Instagram star and model. She gained recognition for her charming smile, stunning looks, and engaging personality.

The Brazilian model was born in 1994. She was known for her Instagram presence, where she amassed thousands of followers by sharing captivating images.

She had been in the reality show “Power Couple Brasil”. Moreover, Luana was a fan favourite among the cast of the show.

Moreover, her presence in th reality show made most people admire her. She showed her genuine personality in the show and won the hearts of many.

Regardless of her fame, the star recently died due to an unexpected turn of events. Her close friends and family are mourning the loss of Andrade.

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Luana Andrade Family

Luana Andrade’s family includes her father and mother. Her parents were the pillar of strength in her life.

Luana Andrade Family
Luana Andrade’s Family had been a great source of support in her life. (Source: Mint)

Mr. and Mrs. Andrade have supported and pushed her to do her best. They were th motivators and idols in her life.

Hailing from Brazil, Luana was deeply connected to the roots of Brazilian ethnicity. She proudly identified herself as a Brazilian star.

It must have been devastating for the Andrade family after the news of the model’s death. At such a young age, Luana’s family faced a challenging situation.

Luana had been an understanding and hardworking daughter. She must have loved her parents and prioritised them over everything.

The tragic event has been unbearable for her family and friends. She will be remembered as a cheerful soul who tried to bring joy everywhere she went.

Moreover, Her father and mother need support and soothing words from their close one. This painful moment will only pass if the pain is shared among the loved ones.

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Did Luana Andrade Have Any Siblings?

The Brazilian reality TV star had been in several shows. She often shared glimpses of her life on her social media account.

Furthermore, the Social media influencer would post her workout and vacation pictures on her Instagram.

Despite being a popular figure online, Andrade has been somewhat private. She rarely shared photos of her family.

It is common in the entertainment industry for peopel like Andrade to hide specific aspects of their life. They prefer to protect their loved ones from the public eye.

So, sources report that she grew up with her siblings in Brazil. If she had any siblings, she would have been a great and loving sister to them.

Luana’s siblings must be going through a difficult time after the untimely death of their sister. They will remember her as a strong and outgoing person.

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Luana Andrade Husband: Was She Married?

The social media influencer was not married or engaged to anybody as of 2023. Nonetheless, she was in a relationship with Joao Hadid, a Brazilian businessman and lawyer.

Luana Andrade Family
Luana Andrade’s boyfriend, Joao Hadid, is having the worst time after the death of her girlfriend. (Source: News Bulletin 247)

Their relationship gained attention, especially within the context of their participation in the sixth season of the reality show “Power Couple Brazil”.

The show is known for testing the strength of couples through a series of challenges and activities. The duo participated as a couple on the show.

Joao openly spoke about his strong bond with Luana during their time in the show. The couple emphasised their collaboration as a couple.

The program often puts relationships to the test. Nonetheless, the pair’s abilities to navigate the challenges and obstacles together showed their mutual support and understanding.

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