Gordon Roddick Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Gordon Roddick Wikipedia

Gordon Roddick Wikipedia attracts attention due to his diverse successes as a co-founder of 38 Degrees and emerging activist. Discover more about his personal and professional life.

Gordon is no stranger to stimulating social and environmental change. Moreover, many recognize him as Anita Roddick’s husband.

Gordon was the husband of famous businesswoman and human rights activist Anita Roddick. Likewise, Dame Anita Lucia Roddick DBE was an environmental campaigner. 

Born on 23 October 1942, Gordon’s partner passed away at 64 in Chichester, England, on 10 September 2007. Sadly, he mentioned the cause was a brain hemorrhage.

Continuing her legacy, revealing: “I want to do Anita justice,” Roddick joined the campaigning program, helping to halt animal testing and supporting the environment. 

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Gordon Roddick Wikipedia

Gordon Roddick is a celebrated social activist and entrepreneur. He serves as a founder of the Roddick Foundation.

The Roddick Foundation provides grants to aid fund groups fighting for various causes, including social justice. Gordon and the Roddick Foundation continue their support of the Angola 3.

The entrepreneur first began his journey as a staunch activist in 2002. Moreover, Roddick is currently chair of the campaign group 38 Degrees.

He pioneered Fairtrade and co-founded several companies, including The Body Shop and The Big Issue. 

Gordon Roddick Wikipedia and age
Gordon Roddick is an entrepreneur and social activist. (Source: The Guardian)

Gordon also serves as a trustee of the Roddick Foundation with his daughters Sam and Justine. Also, his daughter’s partner, Tina Schlieske, is a trustee in the company.

The man, along with his family, has been successful in running several companies for decades. He introduced the concept of fair trade when the term was not so common in the 1970s. 

Besides, he is the recipient of the Observer Ethical Awards. 

In 1976, Roddick supported the establishment of The Body Shop with his late wife, Anita.

His entrepreneurial journey began as just a single shop but boosted rapidly as a chain of well-established companies in the coming years. 

Moreover, the crusading entrepreneur used the Body Shop chain of cosmetics stores.

He raised his voice against animal testing and supported sustainable development.

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Gordon Roddick Age: How Old Is He?

Social activist and entrepreneur Gordon Roddick was born in Scotland in April 1942. He is 82 years old. 

Gordon Roddick Wikipedia
Gordon Roddick received the Citation from Kuapa Kokoo. (Source: Divine Delights)

Roddick attended the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, England.

Crossing his 80s, Gordon has already amassed a wealth of achievements and respect among the community, contributing to his late success with several entrepreneurial journeys. 

Gordon Roddick’s age has become a noteworthy factor in understanding the activist’s evolving perspectives and offering to the ever-changing landscape of the beauty industry. He says: 

Work on your own set of principles and stick to them.

With a display of an inspiring and promising career, Roddick’s growing age and years of experience are just some elements in a larger narrative that has unfolded.

Net Worth Of Gordon Roddick

While precise figures regarding Gordon Roddick’s net worth remain a mystery, it is evident that the entrepreneur has achieved massive success in the cosmetics industry, translating into financial prosperity.

Roddick established one of the most ambitious cosmetic projects the world has ever seen, the Body Shop.

Also, he introduced the concept of fair trade when the term was not so common in the 1970s. 

The business reflects his iconic ingredient-led cosmetics, which are ethical, less harmful to the surroundings, and impact sustainable development.

However, in 2017, L’Oreal sold the company to Natura for £880 million, and Aurelius acquired the company from Natura in 2020. 

Furthermore, Gordon is a pioneer of Bug Issue, as the company has become a global movement, reaching 100 million people in over 35 nations. 

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