Did Jane And Atz Get Divorced? Relationship Details

Did Jane And Atz Get Divorced

Jane And Atz Lee separation rumors trend on social media as fans are sad to see their favorite couple break apart. 

Did Jane and Atz get divorced? the query has now piqued the curiosity of Alaska: The Last Frontier viewers who want to learn more about their relationship status. 

Atz, aka Atz Lee Kilcher, was born on 26 August 1977 in Alaska, United States.

American reality television star Atz Lee Kilcher rose to prominence for starring in the hit reality show Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Also, the star is the son of Atz Kilcher and the brother of famous singer and actress Jewel.

His father was a pioneer and main cast of The Last Frontier. Hence, he became familiar with reality shows.

Kilcher and his family enjoy a very isolated lifestyle. To beat the boredom in the homestead, he with his family entertain themselves with songs, games, and different types of arts and crafts.

Kilcher joined the Discovery show Alaska: The Last Frontier in the first season. The show’s location was based in Fritz Creek, Alaska.

Likewise, the fan-favorite show chronicles the Kilcher family and their homestead in Southern Alaska.

Similarly, he is in charge of protecting his family’s cattle herd from local predators, including wolves and bears.

The Kilcher family’s involvement in the Discovery Channel show has made them popular worldwide. Now his divorce rumors with wife Jane trends online which we will be discussing below. 

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Did Jane And Atz Get Divorced?

As suggested by several media outlets, Lee and Jane are divorced. Reportedly, Atz Lees’s estranged wife, Janen announced to the show’s fans that they were divorced. 

Jane revealed that Lee wanted a divorce. However, the two aren’t exactly lurking on the topic on social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram

Talking about Lee’s relationship, the reality show star tied the knot with Jane Kilcher and has two children together.

Did Jane And Atz Get Divorced married life
Atz Lee Kilcher tied the knot with Jane Kilcher. (Source: Live Ramp Up)

As of now, The Last Frontier star is separated from his wife, Jane.

The Discovery show focuses on Lees’ family’s homestead, which was established more than a century ago. Kilcher’s house is located on the Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska.

As Kilcher lives far away from the closest civilization, it seems obvious that Atz and his wife are not fond of the media limelight and do not share their personal lives on social media.

Also, Kilcher and his family enjoy a primitive lifestyle. Hence, he might use a more traditional approach when revealing private matters like divorce.

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Jane And Atz Relationship Details Explored 

Seeing the life of reality television star Atz Lee Kilcher on The Last Frontier, fans want to know more about his relationship and dating life.

Atz Lee Kilcher and his wife keep themselves and their children away from the show’s limelight. The kids weren’t featured on The Last Frontier.

Jane And Atz Relationship
Atz Lee Kilcher clicks a family selfie with his estranged wife and kids. (Source: Distractify)

Hence, there are fewer details regarding his relationship status as of this writing. 

Reality TV star Atz Lee documents his traveling passion and hunting hobby on The Last Frontier. The man survives on cold exploration and other adventures on the Discovery show.

Likewise, he is perfectly blended with his ancient culture and tradition. Hence, part of his job involves some thrilling adventures in the most dangerous places on earth.

Even though he hasn’t been all over the globe enjoying holidays, his passion for staying in his native place seems perfect and suits better for Kilcher’s lifestyle better.

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