Obituary: Marshall Williford Suicide Linked To Death Cause

Marshall Williford Suicide

Marshall Williford Suicide has been widely discussed all over the internet. The 68-year-old was accused of raping multiple children for over forty years.

Marshall Williford’s full name was Marshall Lee Williford Jr. He was a criminal who was arrested and charged with crimes.

His crimes date back to the 1970s and 1980s. The criminal’s records include rape and indecent liberties.

The arrest was made by agents with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. The alleged incidents involved multiple victims ranging from five to 14 years old at the time.

Willford’s arrest took place in Edenton, North Carolina. He was booked at the Chotan County Detention Center.

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Marshall Williford Suicide Linked To Death Cause

Marshall Williford tragically ended his life on September 30, 2023. His dead body was found in Edenton, North Carolina.

Marshall Williford Suicide
Marshall Williford was arrested by the SBI for the allegation of child sex. (Source: WITN)

The Local media reported that he died by suicide. However,  the exact cause has not been confirmed officially.

The offender is a resident of Edenton and has a troubled past. He was arrested on September 22, 2023 weeks before Marshall Williford’s suicide.

Marshall was on charges related to child sex in Bertie County. His criminal records appeared to date back over 40 years. 

The charges included first-degree kidnapping, indecent liberties with children, second-degree rape, and statutory sex offense including multiple victims.

Mr. Marshall was taken into custody at his home. The charges against him are very serious which would result in him life imprisonment as well.

After the arrest, Williford was granted a secured bond of $900,000. He was incarcerated at the Chowan County Detention Centre.

The legal proceedings continued. Nevertheless, the convict’s tragic death marks the need for a deeply troubling life marked by wicked crimes against children.

Marshall had not revealed the reason behind his crime. There were no details on how the villain acted out his crime.

Before there could have been more investigation, Marshall took his life. His death can be the end of this case. 

Following his case, Marshall’s arrest has surely given hope to people that every wrong deed ends up in jail or hell.

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Marshall Williford Obituary

Marshall Williford’s obituary reflects a life marked by tragedy and controversy. The 68-year-old met a tragic end reportedly taking his life.

Marshall Williford Suicide
Marshall Williford committed suicide the prior week to his death he was arrested. (Source: YouTube)

This somber event comes on the heels of his arrest by Special Agents from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) just over a week prior.

The Windsor Police Department had requested SBI intervention to investigate this historical rape case underscoring the complexity of the situation.

The details of how the perpetrator had taken his life are still undisclosed. There are still investigations going on on his death.

The culprit was able to hide his evil works for more than 40 years. His arrest is an eye-opening case that justice might come late but it surely does.

Apart from his criminal records and his address, there is no information available about Marshall Williford.

He might have done all his bad work with the assistance of a few people. However, it had not been revealed.

Before the details of his crime could be further dug in, The Outlaw took his life along with all the secrets behind his deeds.

The SBI must have been able to get their hands on some crucial information. But, they have not revealed much about this case.

Additionally, Mr Williford was able to cover up his crime for a long without his family knowing. People are suspecting if their family was involved in the case.

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