Lisa Wilkinson Husband Cancer Details – Health Update Age Gap And Children

Lisa Wilkinson Husband Cancer

Lisa Wilkinson’s husband Peter FitzSimons does not have cancer. However, the couple has had many relations to cancer for a decade.

Lisa Wilkinson is a familiar face on Australian television. She currently is the presenter of “Ambulance Australia”.

Ambulance Australia is a factual television program that documents the New South Wales Ambulance call-takers, dispatchers, and paramedics.

The narrator previously co-hosted the Nine Network’s breakfast television program, “Today” (2007–2017), with Karl Stefanovic.

However, she got introduced to a wider audience after “Weekend Sunrise” (2005–2007) on the Seven Network, and The Project on Network Ten (2018–2022).

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Lisa Wilkinson Husband Cancer

Lisa got married back in 1992 on October 7 to Peter FitzSimons.

And no, Lisa’s husband doesn’t have cancer neither had one. Peter FitzSimons is a fit author who has written more than 34 books already.

Some of his worth-mentioning publications are “Breaker Morant”, “The Opera House”, and “The Battle of Longtan.” Peter has been working as a columnist in The Sydney Morning Herald for a very long.

However, her family has not been cancer free always. Lisa lost her father, Raymond more than 20 years ago to lung cancer. Raymond died at the age of 69 in May 1990 after failing to win over his lung cancer.

Talking about her dad in an interview with Yours magazine, “Dad was my ultimate mentor. You never want to see someone, let alone someone that you adore, leave this world in such pain and at the mercy of such an awful disease. So, I did make a mental note that that’s not the way I want to go”.

The reporter added that there were just three weeks between her dad being diagnosed and passing away.

Lisa Wilkinson Husband Cancer
Lisa Wilkinson last picture with her father.(Source: DailyMail)

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Health Update on them

Peter Fitzsimons is completely fine now and always has been. Similarly, his wife Lisa is also completely healthy along with her 3 children.

However, Lisa was once nearly caught up by cancer. It was her husband who made her get rid of that in the early stage.

It was 2012 when she noticed a small freckle on her face. The freckle did not capture her attention. However, her husband suggested showing it to a dermatologist. After the check-up, the doctor told me the freckle was in fact a potential cancerous melanoma.

Although it was removed soon it wouldn’t take much to imagine what would have happened otherwise.

Lisa tells Woman’s Day. “It’s laughable that I could have a camera trained on me for 3.5 hours a day, five days a week, and I could not spot trouble right between my eye. Due to various encounters with cancer in her life, the journalist currently works in various foundations fighting against cancer and creating awareness.

lisa wilkinson age gap and children

Lisa was born in the city of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. 19 December 1959. She is currently 63 years old.

Whereas her husband, Peter John FitzSimons is born on 29 June 1961 and is currently 61 years of age.

He was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The happily married couple has an age gap of 2 years. They recently celebrated their 31st marriage ceremony.

The power couple has 3 kids together. Billi FitzSimons, Louis FitzSimons and Jake FitzSimons.

Billi and Jake share the same birthday, but they aren’t twins.

Louis and Jake are two years apart, Louis’ 26th and Jake’s 28th.The kids don’t live with the couple now since early covid.

Lisa Wilkinson Husband Cancer
Lisa shared this cute throwback picture of her reading to them as babies. (Source: NowToLove)

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