Newton High School Teacher: Curt Pakutka Obituary And Death, Death Cause And Family

Curt Pakutka

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Curt Pakutka, a beloved teacher and coach at Newton High School, was a cherished Newton Public School District member.

The district includes a variety of educational institutions, including elementary, middle, and high schools. It has nearly 1,500 different students enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Notably, the high school serves Newton residents and students from Andover Borough, Andover Township, and Green Township, promoting a vibrant and inclusive community.

Sadly, on June 8, 2023, Curt passed away, leaving behind a void that cannot be quickly filled. While his professional contributions were remarkable, his role as a friend truly endeared him to those who knew him.

Curt’s presence in the lives of his colleagues and students went beyond his expertise in teaching and coaching; he brought boundless joy and infectious laughter to all those around him.

The loss of Pakutka is deeply felt within the Newton community and beyond. His legacy as a teacher, coach, and friend will continue to resonate, reminding us of the incredible impact one person can have on many lives.

Newton High School Teacher: Curt Pakutka Obituary And Death

The Newton High School community mourns the loss of a beloved teacher, Curt, who passed away on the morning of June 8 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Curt was renowned for his vibrant personality, positive attitude, limitless energy, and terrific humor that could brighten any room.

Beyond his passion for teaching and coaching, he deeply loved the Baltimore Orioles and enthusiastically embraced every aspect of life. He had a remarkable ability to bring smiles to the faces of those around him, and his infectious spirit touched the lives of many.

Curt Pakutka Obituary
Curt Pakutka obituary: He passed away due to cancer. (Source: Getty Images)

The news of his death spread quickly on social media, with his colleagues and close friends expressing their heartfelt condolences.

Jeremy Crowell, one of his friends, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, reflecting on the bittersweet emotions of receiving news followed by the sudden loss of such a remarkable individual.

Curt served in the military, demonstrating his dedication to serving others, and he left behind a legacy as a loving father and devoted husband. His demise has left a void in the hearts of all who knew him.

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Curt Pakutka Death Cause 

The education community mourns the loss of an exceptional teacher, Curt, who recently passed away. It has been disclosed that he surrendered to a long and difficult battle against cancer.

His colleagues, friends, family, and former students took to Facebook to express their grief and share fond memories of their time with him.

Curt Pakutka
Pakutka was a teacher at Newton High School. (Source: newtonnj)

Eric Bollette, a close friend and colleague who worked alongside him for over 15 years, shared the heartbreaking news on social media. He recalled their shared experiences as coaching partners and friendly rivals in sports competitions.

As the education community mourns this profound loss, they remember him as a remarkable teacher, a beloved friend, and an extraordinary human being.

Curt Pakutka Family

Pakutka, a dedicated educator, served as a Health and Physical Education teacher and a Drivers Education instructor at Newton Public High School.

While specific information about his family members remains undisclosed, it is known that he was a married man and a loving father. There are no details available about his wife or children.

Tragically, the news of his passing has deeply saddened his loved ones, and they are now grieving his loss. During his battle with cancer, his family stood unwaveringly beside him, providing their care and support.

His struggle against the illness ultimately proved impossible despite their collective efforts, leading to his untimely demise.

As his family mourns the loss of a beloved husband and father, they find solace in the memories and the profound influence Curt had on those around him.

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