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Eunice Dwumfour

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While almost two months have gone by since the killing without an arrest, the family of the New Jersey councilwoman who was fatally shot outside her Sayreville home requested explanations on Wednesday.

In their first public statements since the murder of Eunic Dwumfour on February 1, her parents and husband said that detectives have scarcely spoken to the family about the case.

At a news conference held at Sayreville Borough Hall, her mother, Mary Dwumfour, said, ‘The only thing I want to say is I demand justice for my daughter’.

The Republican councilwoman, 30, was shot and killed in her SUV outside the front door while her 12-year-old daughter was inside.
According to the prosecution, a New Jersey councilwoman was shot multiple times and declared dead at the scene.
Witnesses claimed to have seen a guy in all black fleeing the scene, but weeks after the incident, officials have not disclosed whether they have identified a suspect or a motive.

Eunice Dwumfour Wikipedia Bio

The netizens are eager to know about Eunice Dwumfour Wikipedia details as she was one of the renowned councilwomen.

Republican Eunice Dwumfour served on the Sayreville Borough Council from 1993 until 2023. She was born in Newark, New Jersey, to Ghanaian immigrants.

Before marrying a Nigerian pastor, she worked as an IT business consultant in the Washington, D.C., metro area and as the director of churches for Champions Royal Assembly NA.
Akwue, who married Councilwoman Eunice in November, was in Nigeria when his beloved wife was brutally murdered.
Eunice Dwumfour Wikipedia
New Jersey councilwoman shot dead outside her home in ‘targeted’ attack mourned as an ‘amazing friend who loved god’ (Source: MEAWW)

Along with fellow African Christian Onuha, she received her degree from William Paterson University in 2017, and in 2021, they were both elected to the Sayreville council.

Councilwoman Eunice, who had a strong and deep faith in Christianity, was slain in her vehicle in 2023 in a stunning and unsolved homicide.
Dwumfour’s father expressed his displeasure at the police’s secrecy over their investigation into the killing of their daughter, and her husband expressed his hope that they would soon receive some sort of justice.
Further information about Eunice Dwumfour Wikipedia and details are not made public to protect Eunice’s privacy.

Eunice Dwumfour Death cause 

Dwumfour was found dead in her white Nissan vehicle outside of her Camelot at the La Mer apartment building in Sayreville on February 1, 2023.

Many gunshot wounds were found on her, according to police who talked with ABC 7. She was shot for an unknown reason, but authorities think she was the intended victim, and she was declared dead on the spot.

She was a great friend and lady who loved God, detective Juan Rodriguez and pastor Dr. Nelia Rodriguez stated in a joint statement.
Eunice Dwumfour Wikipedia
Slain NJ politician was single mom, new wife (Source: New York Post)

Dwumfour’s family said they only spoke to detectives twice since her horrific murder and avoided asking them whether they knew why someone would kill their daughter.

Her family is baffled as to why the Newark native, who was just married and had previously volunteered as an EMT and a preacher, would have been the target.

Investigators have not indicated they have no leads, but they also have not said that they have leads, a family lawyer claimed.

Eunice Dwumfour Family details

For the first time since Eunice’s death, the family of a slain New Jersey councilwoman has made a public statement.

The family attended Sayreville Borough Hall with their pastor, their attorney, and their daughter’s husband. This location is close to where Dwumfour served as a council member.

Prince Dwumfour, Eunice’s father, stated, I’m here today to let everyone hear our message’. Our daughter, Eunice, was a very, very decent woman who never had any issues with anyone, says Eunice’s mother.
Eunice Dwumfour
Gov. Phil Murphy responds to councilwoman’s fatal shooting outside residence (Source: Sportskeeda)

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office has not made an arrest or disclosed many specifics about the inquiry seven weeks after Dwumfour was slain.

The family wants the borough’s first Black elected official to be remembered for her work as a councilwoman, not as a murder victim.

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