Notti Osama Autopsy Report, Who Stabbed Him? Case Details And Update

Notti Osama Autopsy

Notti Osama Autopsy report says that his rival stabbed him to death. Notti was a teenage NYC rapper from Yonkers.

The rapper’s real name was Ethan Reyes; he was a 14 years old rapper or, more specifically, a drill rapper from Yonkers, NYC. He grew up in a big family with six siblings and was the youngest.

Before the incident, Notti released some images of his upcoming single named Without you, which his brothers featured. There is very little information about Notti’s life and background, as he was very young in his teenage years, and his rapping career was in the initial phase.

His brother DD Osama is quite popular on social media now; back then, he posted a tribute on his social media handles. The cousin of Notti, Lily Ortega, also remembered him as a loving and happy person.

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Notti Osama Autopsy – Who Stabbed Him?

Notti got into a fight with a 15-year-old rival on the 9th of July at the 137th street subway station. He was stabbed to his death with a knife. After being stabbed, Osama was on the way to the Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital and passed away.

Notti Osama Autopsy
Notti Osama with DMP and JayKlickin on album art of their song. (Source: Spotify)

According to the sources from law enforcement, the NYCPD did not publicise the actual reason behind the incident. However, those two teenagers had some issues with each other, resulting in a fight. The police department had taken the accused 15-year-old guy for first-degree manslaughter and possession of crime.

The accused 15-year-old teenager was reported for second-degree murder but later changed after being confronted about the broomstick he got bitten with that. According to the accused stabber’s statement, he was outnumbered by the Notti group and had lesser people.

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So, he tried to run away and stabbed the rapper while attempting to flee. The police, while investigating the crime scene, found the knife and the broomstick and also found out that the fight got recorded on the security camera.

The name of the accused teenager was kept secret by the police department. The department also said that the accused stabber got to the hospital to treat the wound he got from the fight.

Notti Osama Case Details

Notti Osama was a rapper in his initial career phase who got into a fight with a rival teenage guy. The conflict led to a knife stabbing which caused the rapper’s death. The rapper Reyes, aka Notti Osama, was stabbed in his abdomen and had his liver punctured.

Notti Osama Autopsy
DD Osama Releases Heartfelt Tribute to Notti Osama on “Da Real Brotherly Love”. (Source: Daily Chiefers)

He died while EMS was transferring him to the hospital. According to some sources, The accused 15 years old teenager, Kelvin Martinez, stabbed the rapper to death.

However, police maintain the privacy of the stabber due to law enforcement, and the name of the accused murderer might not be as mentioned.

Notti Osama Case Update

According to recent findings, The rapper who moved recently to Yonkers might have initiated the fight, leading to his death at the NYC subway platform. The recent findings claim that the rapper and stabber knew each other well as they belonged to rival gangs with a series of escalations on those days.

Notti Osama Autopsy
Notti Osama and his brother DD Osama. (Source: Youtube)

Notti and his friends were walking on the street and saw Martinez enter the train station to catch the train. Notti and his friends followed him to the station with a broomstick in his hand.

The rapper hit Martinez with a broomstick, and in return, Martinez pulled the knife out and stabbed him in the abdomen. Martinez later got arrested after about an hour with the help of his mother and then interviewed by the New York police department and DA investigators.

The prosecutor never requested bail as Martinez could live outside NYC under the control of prosecutors but was not known by the general public due to the risk of violent retaliation.

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