Jayden Jensen Missing Update: is He Found? GoFundMe Started

Jayden Jensen missing

Amid the Jayden Jensen Missing case, Jayden’s family and authorities continue to search for him since his location remains undisclosed.

Jensen was duck hunting with friends in a remote area of southwestern Bingham County with rugged terrain when he fell into the fast-moving waters around 1 p.m. while trying to retrieve a duck he had shot.

His friends quickly dialed 911 but had to use their cell phones to guide the responding deputies to their location near the McTucker Ponds and American Falls Reservoir due to the isolated area.

Bingham County Search and Rescue joined forces with the sheriff’s deputies, scuba divers, and rescue boats.

They searched for Jayden until nightfall on Wednesday and resumed at 8 a.m. Thursday until sunset, aided by a helicopter overhead.

Despite the snow on Friday, searchers continued to brave the conditions, determined to find the missing youth.

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Jayden Jensen Missing Update: is He Found?

Sixteen-year-old Jayden Jensen, who went missing after falling into the Snake River during a hunting trip in southwestern Bingham County last week, is now the focus of a recovery operation rather than a rescue, according to authorities.

Jayden, from Pocatello, was last seen on December 6 around 1 p.m., attempting to retrieve a duck he had shot while hunting with friends. Despite ongoing efforts, Jayden has not been found yet.

To aid in the search, the sheriff’s office is utilizing specialized sonar technology called side-scan sonar, capable of detecting and imaging objects on the riverbed.

Jayden Jensen missing
                                                                                  Jayden Jensen is not found yet (Source: Odaho State Journal)

Also, these techniques initially applied in the accident’s vicinity, are now being implemented more broadly.

The remote area where the incident occurred is in very rough terrain near McTucker Ponds and the American Falls Reservoir, with emergency crews searching both the Snake River and the reservoir.

Moreover, an ice shelf on the southern portion of the reservoir, especially on the east side, has complicated search efforts, the sheriff’s office said.

Jayden Jensen GoFundMe Started

The family of missing 16-year-old Jayden launched a GoFundMe campaign three days ago in hopes of raising money and support to aid search efforts for the Pocatello teen.

Jensen tragically disappeared last Wednesday after falling into Idaho’s Snake River while duck hunting with friends in a remote area of Bingham County.

The GoFundMe provides heartbreaking details about the incident and the subsequent search, explaining how Jensen fell through the ice when trying to retrieve a shot duck.

Despite extensive efforts from police search and rescue teams, helicopters, and volunteers, Jayden remains missing.

In just three days, the Jensen family’s GoFundMe has already attracted an outpouring of emotional and financial assistance from the community, with over 140 donors contributing $7,000 so far.

These funds will help Jayden’s loved ones purchase equipment, coordinate volunteers, and sustain the intensive search.

Jayden Jensen Family Seeks Help To find Him

Following Jayden’s disappearance into the Snake River while duck hunting, his family actively seeks assistance from the public and authorities, expressing concern for his well-being and making every effort to find him.

Also, Jayden’s family filed a missing person report and is spreading the word about his disappearance after he fell into the river while trying to retrieve a duck he had shot.

The Jensen family is actively looking for any avenue to raise awareness and keep his story in front of the public.

Jayden Jensen missing
                                             Jayden Jensen’s family is seeking help from authorities and the community (Source: Pinterest)

According to a friend who was duck hunting with Jayden, posts about his disappearance were taken down on social media.

The family continues to grapple with the uncertainty surrounding Jayden’s disappearance into the frigid Snake River.

As time passes, they grow increasingly concerned about his chances for survival but remain hopeful he will be found.

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