Melissa Highsmith Wikipedia Bio – Where Was She Found? Kidnapper Identity And Story

Melissa Highsmith

The internet community is interested in learning more about Melissa Highsmith, who does not yet have her own Wikipedia. Many are curious as to what happened and what her true story was.

Melissa Highsmith is a woman who has been missing since she was a baby for the last 51 years, and she has recently reunited with her family.

The missing news of the baby girl had shocked the neighborhood during that time. There were no hints that would lead to the missing child.

However, after more than five decades, the missing baby girl, who was all grown up, was found and was able to meet her biological parents.

Moreover, the mysterious case had people on the internet curious and wanting to know more about Melissa.

Melissa Highsmith Wikipedia Bio

Melissa Highsmith was born on November 6, 1969, in America. She is currently 53 years old. She was born to her mother, Alta Apantenco and her father Jeffrie Highsmith.

Her parents were very young when they had Highsmith. The couple did have a love marriage but eventually parted ways. And the missing baby used to be looked after by her single mother, Alta, as her dad had already moved out of their house to live with his mother.

Melissa Highsmith Wikipedia
The baby girl was kidnapped when she was 21 months old. (Source: Missing Person)

However, Melissa was just 21 months old and raised by her kidnapper until she decided to run away at 15 and live on her own. She was married to Mr. Walden at the time she was found.

Moreover, as per reports, the women have siblings named Jeff Highsmith and Victoria Highsmith.

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Where Was Melissa Highsmith Found?

According to the New York Post, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) received information in September 2022 about a possible sighting near Charleston, South Carolina. The caller claimed to have identified the woman from NCMEC’s open cases’ digitally aged faces.

Melissa Highsmith
Melissa Highsmith, reunited with her family after being missing for 52 years. ( Source: Alpha News Call)

The call, however, proved to be unproductive. But the missing child’s father agreed to submit to a 23andMe DNA test, which linked him to Melissa’s children. Her Facebook page was quickly discovered after a fast online search, and the other kids, Jeffrie and Apantenco, contacted the 23andMe connection and convinced her to meet.

Moreover, as per the same source, the mother of the missing girl found out that her daughter was living less than 20 minutes away in Fort Worth.

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Melissa Highsmith Kidnapper Identity And Story

Melissa Highsmith was kidnapped in Fort Worth, Texas, on August 23, 1971. She was allegedly abducted by her babysitter, who went by the name Ruth Johnson.

After the separation of Alta and Jeffrie, Apantenco desperately needed a babysitter to care for her little kid while she started working as a waitress, as she was now a single mother, so she posted an ad in the neighborhood newspaper.

Melissa Highsmith
Melissa Highsmith with her biological mother. (Source: RSPV Live)

The mother of the child who went missing hired the babysitter Ruth, who later picked up the 21-month-old baby girl from the house when the child’s mother’s roommate was present. According to the reports, the babysitter was dressed well.

However, the babysitter then disappeared with the child and was out of contact. Alta reported this to the authorities, but she could not be tracked down due to a lack of evidence.

After decades later, with the help of the internet and DNA testing, the missing child was found alive, living her adult life unaware that she was abducted as a child. According to the sources, Melissa thinks this is a miracle and is grateful to be reunited with her family.




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