Dylan Mortensen Attacked – Is She The Idaho Murder Suspect? Warrent And Case Update

Dylan Mortensen Attacked

Dylan Mortensen Attacked by people and medias as she did not called 911 for more than 8 hours of crime scene. Dylan is a roommate and a survivor of the Idaho Quadruple Murder Case.

Dylan is one the roommates who did not got injured on the Knife attack by a murder on four at University of Idaho College student who were living off campus in a rented house. The mass murder happened on November 13, 2022. Dylan mentioned on police affidavit accusing Bryan Kohberger for the murders.

The student Bryan’s lawyer said that his client believes he will be exonerated. According to an affidavit released publicly on January 5, 2023, Mortensen saw the killer on the scene but did not call the police until 11:58 and the affidavit says she was frozen and locked herself in the bedroom.

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The authorities observed the Mortensen’s statement that the homicides occured around 4 to 4:25 am. The law enforcement got source from a anonymous person that the eight hour gap between the incident and reporting is what the they are confused about. They are unsure if it was because she was intoxicated or just out of fear.

The victims of the knife stabbing were Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle and Madison Mogen, they all live in a rental house and were stabbled to death on November 13, 2022.

Dylan Mortensen Attacked – Is She The Idaho Murder Suspect?

Dylan Mortensen is not the suspect of the Murder and she was one of the two survivor from the Idaho Knife stabbing. The another survivor among two roommates, Bethany Funke has not featured in the affidavit like Mortensen did. Both were not attacked at the time.

Dylan Mortensen Attacked
(L-R) Mortensen is pictured with her slain roommate Xana Kernodle, survivor Bethany Funke, and victims Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen (Source: Daily Mail UK)

The videos about Mortensen have crossed more than 25 million views on Tiktok were people discuss theories regarding the case. In the previous report, Mortensen asked friends to be quit as Murder was taking place, under the impression that the party was going on.

She also yelled at them and said that they were being loud and she wanted to sleep. After hearing more noises, she opened her door and saw Bryan Kohberger walking out of the house and thought he was on the party.

Dylan Mortensen Attacked
Bryan Kohberger, 28, stands accused of brutally stabbing four students on November 13. (Source: The Sun US)

There were further information on Idaho murders case from Chapin’s sister in law that reveled that Mortensen called all the housemtes after she heard the crying and screaming from upstairs.

Both Dylan and Bethany were never the possible suspects in the murder case, and they are cooperating with the investigation.

Dylan Mortensen Warrant

Two of the search warrants were unsealed on January 18, revealing that police seized over more than a dozen items from the Kohberger’s apartment in Washington. The siezed items are black rubber glove, a container from vacuum cleaner, red stained bedding and others.

The police has also known that he told about the prior DNA test to the neighbor. The public defender of Kohberger, Anne Taylor was appointed by the court and she was actively representing one of the victims parents. She also withdrawal notice for the parents for representing instead on Kohberger.

The Idaho Murder Case update

It has been about a month since Bryan Kohberger, the suspect for the Idaho murders case, appeared in court and has the next hearing on June 26. He was arrested at his family house in Pennsylvania on December 30.

Dylan Mortensen Attacked
The suspect, Bryan Kohberger on his recent hearing. (Source: Idaho Statesman)

He is charged for four murder counts and felony burglary on the November 13 knife attack that took 4 students of University of Idaho.

The gag order was issued by Latah County Magistrate Judge Meagan Marshall in January that prevents communication about the case from agents of prosecuting, investigators and law enforcement personnel.

The update law prohibits anyone who represents as a witness, victim or victim’s family from making any discussion about the case, in addition to those who were already prohibited. There are more than 25 news outlets that signed a petition to remove that order.

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