Obituary: Carolyn Clark Murder And Death Cause, What Happened? Case Details And Age

Carolyn Clark Murder

Carolyn Clark Murder took place in Ashtabula, Ohio, in 2005. Carolyn was the victim of a gruesome murder.

Carolyn Clark, or Carolyn Joyce Butts Clark, was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Her father was Lawrence Butts, and her mother was Mary Frances Parson Butts. She had eleven siblings; among them, she was the eighth child. The family later moved to Portsmouth when Carolyn was an infant.

She completed high school at Portsmouth Public School, and in 1980, she got graduation from Manor High School. The Butts family was highly devoted to religion, and Carolyn followed their path. She joined the Morning Star Apostolic Faith Church of God in her teenage years.

Carolyn’s parents said she loved writing and scribbling with the crayons even before she could write numbers and the alphabet. She served the church as the secretary of the Youth Department, devotional leader, choir member, and soloist. 

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In 1982, she got married to Ralph Edward Clark from Jefferson. The couple had 13 children together. Her friends recalled her as a quick wit; she could turn serious situations into comical ones. Her son Paul Clark also said that his mother was lovable and easygoing.

Carolyn Clark Murder And Death Cause, What Happened?

On the 7th of May 2005, the neighbour of Carolyn Clark, Helen, called the police department after she heard screams and glass breaking from Clark’s home. Within a few minutes, police arrived at the place and found Carolyn’s body lying unconscious, covered with blood.

Carolyn Clark Murder
The family of Carolyn Clark. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

She was in a very critical condition, clinging to life. She was taken to the Ashtabula County Medical Center, where she could not bear her injuries and succumbed. 

The news reports claimed that she was beaten to death, the weapon used to beat her was a rifle’s end, and her face of Carolyn was brutally wounded, which was virtually unrecognizable. 

Carolyn Clark Case Details

According to the investigation reports from the crime scene, the investigators found blood on the carpet, and live rounds were on the floor while non of them were fired. The cause of death of Carolyn was blunt force trauma on her head, and the bullets at the crime scene confused the officials.

Carolyn Clark Murder
An image of Carolyn Clark’s husband who murdered her. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

The news reports claimed that five of the thirteen children were in the house during the crime and witnessed heinous crimes. Later, those children were interviewed, and they said her father, Ralph was responsible for her mother’s death, Carolyn.

The police department arrested Ralph in Jefferson, Ohio, within a few hours of the death, based on the children’s statement. After the murderer was arrested, he immediately confessed that he did that because he could not handle the pain of being separated from his children. 

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He told the officials that he was in a rage and went to Carolyn’s apartment with a rifle to shoot her, but the rifle was jammed, so he beat his wife to death with the end of the rifle.

Carolyn Clark Age

Carolyn Clark was born on the 14th of October 1961. She was 43 years old at the time of her death. Clark was highly devoted to religion, following her parent’s path. She joined Apostolic Faith Church when she was 19.

Carolyn Clark Murder
A photograph of Carolyn Clark from her Obituary. (Source: Findagrave)

Before the incident, on the 6th of October 2004, the couple had a bitter argument, where Carolyn threw stuff at her husband, and he called the police. Carolyn was found guilty of domestic violence, and the court ordered the couple to stay apart.

After the incident, Ralph filed a divorce, and Carolyn moved to a Park Avenue apartment with her five youngest children. 

According to the official reports from the court, Ralph, in his early 60s, was serving his jail sentence at Richland Correctional Institution in Ohio. The first parole board hearing of Ralph will be held on March 2033.

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