Buddy Teevens Bike Accident And Injury Update, Wife And Salary 2023

Buddy Teevens Bike Accident

Fans are anxious to know about Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevans health update after he was the victim of a bike accident and was hospitalized. Read the article below to know everything that he shared about his health.

Eugene Francis “Buddy” Teavens III is an American football coach and a former player. He is currently the head coach at Dartmouth College.

He has been given the responsibility of head coach for many teams, including the University of Maine, Tulane University, and Standford University.

Teevans has coached for over 30 years and has also been the program’s all-time winning coach. He was also honored as the England Coach of the Year three times and Ivy League Coach of the Year twice.

Buddy Teevens Bike Accident And Injury Update

The Dartmouth coach is known for his fitness and usually goes cycling. But he was hospitalized on Thursday after he met an accident while he was cycling. No further information has been made public about the incident.

However, it is said that the coach was involved in a collision at St. Augustine, where he has a home. It is believed that his family is not accepting any visitors at the moment.

Buddy is known for his athleticism. The school even said he was “an avid cyclist.” He went across the country from San Diego to New England in 2007 on his bike alongside his former teammate David Shula.

Buddy Teevens Bike Accident
Buddy Teevens was hospitalized after a bike accident. (Source: Pennlive )

Before his cross-country bike trip, he said, ” This is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve gotten more into cycling as I’ve gotten older. It takes the stress off your knees and back.”

The coach is so passionate about cycling that in 2005, he announced that he would be cycling to his vacation destination and meet his family on arrival. It was a sort of test run for his cross-country expedition.

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Buddy Teevens Wife

Eugene is married to Kristen Teevens, a native of Pembroke, Massachusetts. The couple has two children Lindsay, who completed her education at the University of Florida in 2008. She lives in Lebanon, New Hampshire, with her husband, Matt and two children. Similarly, Buddy Jr. lives in Lebanon with his wife and children.

Buddy Teevens Bike Accident
Buddy Teevens and his wife Kristen Teevans.(Source: Valleynews)

Very little information about Buddy’s wife has been made public. Still, one thing is certain she is a very caring wife because she told SI.com that she went to the couple’s insurance agent and maximized their coverage before her husband went on his dream expedition. 

She said, “He does stuff like this, and I’m like, “Honey, you’re a psycho.” And by seeing her statements, she is frustrated with her husband’s nuisance.

Kristen said that her husband was ‘nuts’ when the family was at the driveway to go on a trip, and he just came and said, “Okay, see you. Bye-Bye”.

Finally, despite all the risky and unexpected things he does, she has always been her husband’s supporter and lover no matter what shenanigans he gets up to, and her husband has confessed that she is a warrior.

Buddy Teevens salary 2023

The coach has not disclosed his salary or net worth yet, but according to sources, he has a net worth of 1-5 million. This information cannot be considered his actual income till Buddy confirms by himself.

Buddy Teevens Bike Accident
Buddy Teevens with his whole family. (Source: Dartmouthsports)

While various sources claim to know his salary, it is important to note that the coach has not personally disclosed any information regarding his income.

It is common for public figures in any industry to have net worth and income speculated upon by others, and the same holds for Teevans.

However, it is crucial to remember that just because a source claims to have information on his financial standing does not necessarily mean it’s accurate.

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