Mallory Beach Salary And Job – Where Was She Working? Wikipedia And Case

Mallory Beach Salary

Mallory Beach’s salary is unknown. Mallory Beach was 19 years old and had  graduated from Wade Hampton High School in South Carolina. She was tragically killed in a boating accident in 2019.

According to an interview with her parents, Mallory was “always a people person.” Mallory’s Aunt told “48 Hours ” that Mallory was very popular and “everybody loved her.”

Mallory Beach died during a boating trip along the South Carolina coast on the Murdaugh family’s boat, which Paul Murdaugh was driving at the time, before crashing into a bridge at Parris Island in 2019.

Mallory Beach Salary and Job- Where was she working?

Before the boat accident, Mallory Beach was working at a clothing store called “It’s Retail Therapyin Beaufort, South Carolina. Her family claims she aspired to be an interior designer. 

On 24th February  2019,right before the accident  Mallory and her boyfriend Anthony Cook was hanging out with Paul Mcdaurgh and his then girlfriend Morgan and Anthony’s Cousin Connor Cook and his girlfriend Miley Altman in the boat.

Mallory Beach
Mallory Beach with her boyfriend Anthony Cook. Source: DailyMail

According to authorities, Paul, Connor, Anthony, Mallory, Morgan, and Miley were all minor and under the influence of  alcohol on February 23, 2019. On the Murdaugh motorboat, investigators later discovered some of those alcoholic drinks.

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Mallory Beach Wikipedia

Mallory, the daughter of Renee Searson Beach of Brunson and Phillip Harley Beach( Robin) of Hampton, was born on April 18, 1999, in Walterboro. She played in the football team and graduated from Wade Hampton High School.

She loved animals, went to Huggin Oak Church of God in Cummings, and went hunting with her father. Mallory worked at the Beaufort clothing store It’s Retail Therapy,” and  was cherished by her family and close friends.

She had two siblings elder than her named Morgan Beach Black , and Savannah Beach Tuten who are both married to Allen Black and Seth Tuten respectively.

Mallory Beach Case

Mallory Beach was killed and several others who were with her were injured in the boat accident.

The accident happened when a group of friends were riding in a 17-foot boat on Archer’s Creek near Parris Island, South Carolina. The boat hit a piling at full speed, throwing all the passengers into the water.

Mallory Beach was missing and later found dead a week later. Two other passenger also suffered from injuries, including broken bones, internal injuries, and head trauma.

The incident led to an investigation into the cause of the accident, which ultimately resulted in criminal charges against Paul Murdaugh, who was driving the boat at the time of the crash.


Mallory Beach
Mallory and her boyfriend on the night of boat accident. Source:CBS News

Murdaugh was charged with three counts of boating under the influence (BUI), causing great bodily injury or death, and one count of causing great bodily injury or death by operating a boat.

The case has received widespread attention due to the Murdaugh family’s prominence in the South Carolina legal community and the perception that they may have received favorable treatment from law enforcement.

In June 2021, Paul Murdaugh and his mother were found dead at their family’s hunting property in what authorities have called a double homicide.

Though, Alex Murduagh, father of Paul Murdaugh was suspected for the double murder of his son and wife to which he plead not guilty. The case of Alex Murduagh is still ongoing.

According to Mallory Beach family attorney Mark Tinsely, a settlement between the family and two members of Alex Murdaugh’s family has been approved by the judge in 2023.

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