Zaharie Ahmad Shah Religion, Was He Muslim? Wife Children And Family

Zaharie Ahmad Shah Religion

Many believe that Zaharie Ahmad Shah religion is Muslim. Zaharie Ahmad Shah was a Malaysian airline pilot who served as the captain of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 before it disappeared in 2014.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah was an airline pilot who had over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. He started his career as a cadet pilot with Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and eventually worked his way up to become a captain.

Zaharie was known for his passion for flying and was well-respected by his colleagues and peers. He was an active member of the Malaysia Airlines Pilots’ Association and held several leadership positions within the organization.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah Religion – Was He Muslim?

There has been much speculation about his religion, but it is not clear what his religious beliefs were. Some reports have suggested that he was a Muslim, while others have suggested that he was a Buddhist.

However, there is no official confirmation of his religion, and it is not clear whether he followed any particular faith. According to Quartz, there are some speculation he could be an atheist as he used to have YouTube playlist with several videos related to atheism and rationalism.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah
Zaharie Ahmad Shah with his home aircraft simulatorp. Source: The Mirror

Furthermore, Shah was a subscribed to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason in YouTube. Zaharie Ahmad Shah was a Malaysian airline pilot who captained the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 when it went missing on March 8, 2014.

Shah had a long and successful career in aviation prior to his involvement in the disaster. Zaharie had logged for more than 18,000 hours of flying time over the course of his career. He had flown a variety of aircraft, including the Boeing 737, 747, 777, and Airbus A330.

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Zaharie Ahmad Shah Wife

Zaharie Ahmad Shah was married to Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan. They lived in Shah Alam, Malaysia, where Zaharie was based as a pilot for Malaysia Airlines.

Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan reportedly met Zaharie Ahmad Shah when she was a 16-year-old student, and the two quickly became romantically involved.
They were able to settle down quite quickly because the Shah joined Malaysia Airlines as a trainee pilot in his early twenties in 1981.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah
Zaharie Ahmad Shah with his wife and children. Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, it was not sunshine and rainbow for their marriage despite the fact that they were financially stable, their marriage was falling apart. Before the unfortunate incident in 2014, his wife suspected him of having an extramarital affair.

After the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014, Faizah moved out from the house she shared with Zaharie and has largely remained out of the public eye and has not given any interviews or statements to the media.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah Children

Zaharie Ahmad Shah had three children with his wife named Ahmad Idris Zaharie, Aishah Zaharie, and Ahmad Seth Zaharie. After the disappearance of aeroplane, Zaharie followed their mothers step and move away from the spotlight.

According to Zaharie sister Sakinab, Zaharie children unfortunately distanced themselves from the majority of his family to protect their privacy.

Many believed that Zaharie was the culprit behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance and caused the mass murder-suicide due to his mental health. This caused Zaharie family to be in the negative spotlight, however, his family still believes in Shah’s innocence.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah Family

Zaharie Ahmad Shah was born on July 31, 1961, in Penang, Malaysia.His father was believed to be a civil servant, and his mother a teacher. His parents nine children in total, including Zaharie. Zaharie was the eldest of the nine children.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah
Zaharie Ahmad Shah sister Sakinab in a interview. Source: BBC

According to the sources,  Shah had a close relationship with his extended family. Shah was a passionate aviation enthusiast and had built his own flight simulator at his home. Shah was also an instructor and examiner for Malaysia Airlines. 

Despite his extensive experience and impeccable record as a pilot, Shah’s involvement in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. The exact circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the plane and its passengers remain a mystery to this day.

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