What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee – How Did He Die? True Story Behind Jesus Revolution

What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee

People are curious about What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee. The hippie preacher is all over the Internet.

Lonnie Ray Frisbee was an American Charismatic evangelist born on June 6, 1949, in Costa Mesa, California, USA.

Frisbee was raised by a single parent and was constantly exposed to a dangerous and sketchy character as a kid. According to Frisbee’s brother, Lonnie was raped at the young age of eight.

His father left the family for another woman, and his mother got him back and married the jilted husband.

Frisbee had a talent for arts and cooking. He also won many awards for his painting. Lonnie showed a “bohemian” character and often ran away from home.

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What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee – How Did He Die?

Lonnie Frisbee was part of drug culture and entered Laguna Bech’s gay underground scene. At 18, he joined the Summer of Love phenomenon with thousands of other hippies in San Fransisco in 1967.

Lonnie started his evangelism career as a part of a spiritual LSD acid trip. He would often read the Bible while tripping. Lonnie slowly climbed the ladder of evangelism and started calling himself a prophet.

Frisbee was diagnosed with AIDS and died from a different complication associated with the disease in 1993. His funeral was held at the Crystal Cathedral.

What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee
Lonnie Frisbee Preaching(Source: Wikipedia)

Chuck Smith, a member of Calvary Chapel, eulogized Frisbee as a spiritual son and an image of Samson. He said that he was a man through whom God did many great works but fell victim to his temptations.

Some followers of Frisbee saw this as maligning his work and an inappropriate characterization of identity at his funeral.

But, others like John Ruttkay, a friend of Lonnie, saw it as the spot-on characterization of Lonnie and even expressed it at the funeral.

Lonnie Frisbee was interred in the Memorial Garden of Crystal Cathedral.

True Story Behind Jesus Revolution

Jesus movement or Jesus revolution was an evangelical movement that started in the late  1960s and early 1970s on the West Coast of the USA. People involved in this movement were called Jesus people or Jesus freaks.

Lonnie Frisbee, a former hippie at the time, met Chuck Smith, a pastor of Santa Ana, who wanted to build a chapel. Lonnie impressed Chuck with his charisma, and he and his wife joined Chuck’s chapel.

What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee
Lonnie Frisbee with Chuck Smith (source: Facebook)

“The House of Miracles” was a rehab center that Lonnie was responsible for. After Lonnie took over the rehab, his charm and charisma attached many converts.

Lonnie helped the Calvary Chapel to gain new followers. He believed that youth culture was the centerpiece needed for the Christian movement. He worked day and night to influence young people toward the movement.

After some years, The House of Miracles became a nineteen-house communal. It shifted to Oregon to become one of the most prominent Christian Communal Services in the United States, the Shilo Youth Revival Centres.

Lonnie Frisbee was the leader of the Jesus revolution from 1968 to 1971. The movement brought thousands of new followers to the Calvary Chapel.

Frisbee: The life and death of a Hippie Preacher

A video documentary by David Di Sabatino called ‘Frisbee: The life and death of a Hippie Preacher showcases the life of Lonnie perfectly.

The documentary also received an Emmy Award nomination from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee
Lonnie Frisbee at Calvary Chapel in 1971 (Source: Facebook)

David Di Sabatino talked about Lonnie’s homosexuality and connection to his family. He commented Lonnie’s homosexuality was flawed and that his early childhood affected his whole life.

His rape incident at age eight and his entrance to Laguna Beach’s gay underground scene at 15 complicated his life. What Happened To Lonnie Frisbee was a tragedy.

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