Ashley Mcarthur Husband: Who Is He? Married Life And Age Gap

Ashley Mcarthur

Ashley Mcarthur Husband played a pivotal role in Ashley’s trial, and has become a topic of interest among people. Ashley Mcarthur is known for the murder of her best friend Taylor Wright.

Ashley McArthur, who used to work with crime scenes, was found guilty of killing her close friend Taylor Wright in 2017. Wright, a former police officer and private investigator.

McArthur shot Wright and hid the body, resulting in a life sentence without parole. McArthur was convicted of first-degree murder and received a lifelong prison sentence.

Furthermore, the motive for the murder was allegedly money. People are shocked that McArthur, who had been close to Wright for years, could betray and kill her over money.

In another case, she was given a seven-year sentence for involvement in racketeering and fraud.

Ashley Mcarthur Husband: Who Is He?

According to various sources, Ashley McArthur was married to Zachary McArthur, who held the position of deputy sheriff in Escambia County, Florida.

However, Zachary McArthur remained completely unaware of his wife’s illicit affair with another woman, whose name is unknown at the moment.

Ashley Mcarthur Husband
Ashley Mcarthur husband Zachary McArthur giving his testimony. (Source: Court TV)

It is important to note that Zachary had no clue about his wife’s connection to the disappearance and brutal killing of Taylor Wright. The shocking revelations only came to light after Ashley’s arrest and subsequent charges in the case.

Zachary McArthur decided to file for divorce after McArthur was arrested and charged with the crime.

Despite being married to the perpetrator, Zachary McArthur was kept completely in the dark about Ashley’s affair and her involvement in a heinous crime.

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Ashley Mcarthur and Zachary McArthur Married Life 

Ashley McArthur and Zachary McArthur seemed to have a happy married life until Ashley was arrested for the murder of her best friend, Taylor Wright, in 2017.

Zachary, unaware of Ashley’s crime and affair, testified in court that he was still married to Ashley and considered Taylor a friend.

He also said that Ashley had been acting strangely in the days before Taylor’s disappearance. 

Ashley was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Zachary’s role in the crime remains unclear, but he has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

The murder of Taylor Wright shocked her family, friends, and the community and left many questions unanswered about Ashley McArthur and Zachary McArthur’s married life.

Ashley Mcarthur and Zachary McArthur age gap

Unfortunately, the specific ages of Ashley McArthur and Zachary McArthur remain undisclosed, leaving us without concrete information about their age gap.

The lack of available details makes it challenging to understand their respective ages or the difference between them precisely.

Ashley Mcarthur
Ashley Mcarthur in the court. (Source: Court TV)

What we do know is that Zachary McArthur was profoundly shocked and devastated upon learning about Ashley’s heinous crime.

Her conviction for first-degree murder resulted in a life sentence, and she is currently serving her sentence at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida.

Furthermore, Ashley McArthur faced additional legal consequences in a separate case involving racketeering, fraud, and embezzlement from local businesses.

This led to a seven-year sentence, further emphasizing the extent of her criminal activities.

Ashley McArthur’s case has been featured on several true crime shows and podcasts, such as Buried in the Backyard and The Crime Shack Podcast.

Many people have been fascinated by the story of how a friendship turned into a deadly betrayal.

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