Is Lori Lightfoot Jewish Or Catholic – What Religion Does She Follow? Partner And Family

Lori Lightfoot Jewish

Lori Lightfoot Jewish faith rumors are all over the Internet. People want to know the religion of Chicago’s first black woman mayor.

Lori E. Lightfoot is the current mayor of the city of Chicago. She was elected back in April 2019. She is the first black woman to hold that post. 

Being the leader of the third biggest city in the United States is not a small thing. It is not an easy job but she has handled it like a pro. She has all the skills and expertise needed for this.

She is a proud member of the Democratic Party and worked in private legal practice as a partner at Mayer Brown before becoming the Mayor.

She is also the first openly lesbian black woman, second openly lesbian woman, the second woman, and third black person to serve as the Mayor of Chicago.

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Is Lori Lightfoot Jewish Or Catholic?

There have been a lot of rumors about  Lori Lightfoot being Jewish but is there any proof behind these statements? The answer is No.

Lori Lightfoot is not Jewish.  There is no concrete proof that Lori is actually Jewish and she hasn’t shared any information regarding her religious beliefs. 

Lori Lightfoot Jewish
Lori Lightfoot with Holocaust survivors(Source: Facebook)

Lori and her wife Amy were seen at a vaccination program held for Holocaust survivors and this rumor started. Their support for the Jewish community of Chicago became the center of origin of this speculation.

Rumors like this don’t have any good base and are mostly false. We can find these types of rumors on daily basis on various news platforms. Celebrities come out following different religions occasionally to get some attention.

Although Lori and her wife Amy are not Jewish, it doesn’t mean that they are catholic. There are various religion people follow in the United States and Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the United States.

So, we shouldn’t be that if the are neither Jewish nor Catholic.Lori has managed to dough any controversies regarding this, which shows how focused she is on her job. 

Lori Lightfoot Partner

Lori and Amy met way before Lori became the mayor of the city. They met while Amy was working at the city library and they instantly connected.

The couple has been together for around 20 years now and has been through a lot of ups and downs together. 

Lori Lightfoot Jewish
Lori Lightfoot with her wife Amy Eshleman (Source: Instagram)

Amy Eshleman was born in 1972. She is a social worker and a  community leader. She is originally from Illinois. She graduated with a degree in history from Miami University in 1984 and started working in the US House of Representatives.

She also worked as the Assistant Commissioner for the Chicago City Public Library for more than 18 years and left the job in 2012.

Lori Lightfoot Family

Lori Lightfoot is a strong and bold person and it is mostly because of her strong and supportive family.

Lori Lightfoot married Amy Eshleman on June 1, 2014. The pair got married on the same day same-sex marriage became legal in Illinois. She and her wife Amy also have a daughter.

Lori Lightfoot Jewish
Lori Lightfoot with her family (Source: Forward)

Their daughter is Vivian. She is a 15-year-old teenager who loves being around her mother. She sees her mothers as her source of inspiration.

Vivian was born in 2008 and the couple adopted her. Vivian and Amy were also part of Lori’s political campaign.  She is also very interested in social media influencing and takes a special liking to TikTok.

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