Sen Sick Girlfriend: Who Is The Girl In His YouTube Video? Dating History and Net Worth

Sen Sick has not yet revealed anything regarding his girlfriend. It appears that he is single or is keeping his personal life away from the limelight as of now.

Hunter “Sick” Mims, an American athlete who now plays for Sentinels, was born on September 2, 1998. He is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player who is best known for his cooperation with TSM and Misfits.

Sen Sick girlfriend.

SicK grew up playing video games and loves single-player narrative mode games. Nevertheless, after he got into first-person shooter games, he realized that the lack of excitement and competitiveness made the games less fun.

He began to participate in league matches in January 2015 and played competitive CS: GO for around five years until feeling burned out.

His personal life events of Sen have not been disclosed on the internet including his education, schooling, and more. It may be that he respects privacy and doesn’t want the whole of the world to know about his past.

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Sen has around half a million followers on twitch making him pretty popular on the video-sharing platform. Both Twitter and Instagram are frequented by Sick cs. He has more than 100K Instagram followers and more than 256.6K Twitter followers.

 Sen Sick Girlfriend – Who Is the Girl In His YouTube Video?

As of now, Sen Sick is supposed to be single and has not disclosed with whom he is in a relationship as of now to the internet. 

The girl in one of the YouTube videos was a streamer and his ex-girlfriend Kissubie.

In a twitch stream, she said that they both were in an open relationship but as of now they have broken up and are no longer on speaking terms.

Sen girlfried and relationship status
Sen with his girlfriend in his twitch stream. ( SOURCE: PULSE CLIPS)

The reason behind their separation has not been disclosed but some rumors have it that she broke up with the streamer as she got to know that he was with another girl as they were in an open relationship. 

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They both were living together for almost a year after meeting through tinder until the separation between the two.

Sen Sick Dating History

Sen Sick’s dating history has been somewhat of a mystery because he does not think that disclosing his private life on the internet is beneficial.

Only a few of his documented relationships, including one with his ex-girlfriend Caris, are known. Caris revealed during a live stream that they first connected on tinder around two years ago while they were both in relationships.

In addition, it has not yet been confirmed, but there are rumors that he is dating Soy Taki, a member of his gaming squad. Sentinels, a Los Angeles-based American esports organization, is shared by Soy Taki and Sen.

What Is Sen Sick Net Worth?

In 2022, Sick cs’ net worth is anticipated to range from $1 million to $2 million. With donations, subscriptions, and Twitch streaming, he has amassed millions of dollars.

Sean with his team after winning the Fortnite tournament.(SOURCE: AFK Gaming)

According to projections, he will make between $1,000 and $100,000 through his Twitch channel. As a Sentinels member who participates in e-sports, he also made money. As of right now, Sick has made roughly $121,380 playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and about $113,507 playing Valorant.

Sen, as of now is involved in the gaming sector and earning a handsome amount through his streams, and other income sources.

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