What Happened To Joey And Kariselle – Did They Break Up? Relationship Timeline

Joey and Kariselle

What Happened To Joey and Kariselle is one of the most searched-for topics on the internet, as the couple got engaged at the season finale of The Perfect Match.

The Perfect Match Season 1, a Netflix reality TV dating series, included two cast members: Joey Sasso and Kariselle, who got famous over their bonding since day one in the show.

Joey Sasso is an actor and television personality originally from Rochester, New York. He first completed The Circle season 1 by himself, ultimately winning.

Kariselle Snow is a fearless bisexual LGBTQ+ advocate, proud pageant winner, cheerleader, cosplayer, and traveler.
As they became engaged in the show, the media and their fans became concerned about the current status of their relationship.

What Happened To Joey And Kariselle – Did They Break Up?

The current relationship status of the beautiful couple is not revealed to the media because, as per Joey’s Instagram timelines, he prefers to keep his private details to himself.
In the first season finale of The Perfect Match, Joey proposes to Kariselle, and they later get engaged in the show’s finale.
However, the duo still hadn’t discussed their future outside the show heading into their final date.
What Happened To Joey and Kariselle
‘Put all my eggs in one basket: Kariselle doubts her ‘Perfect Match’ Joey given his troubled past over ex ( Source: MEAWW)
They follow each other on social media platforms, including Instagram, so they still support each other.
However, the factual descriptions are unavailable now because the details are being kept confidential.
Joey And Kariselle: relationship timelines and dating history
The former Miss New Jersey was undoubtedly the cast highlight in Sexy Beasts because her outspoken attitude was still visible while wearing a panda disguise.
She still gets along well with her Sexy Beasts co-star Tyler Smith, but the pandemic and distance have forced them apart.
Joey Sasso is an emerging star known for winning “The Circle” on Netflix in 2020.
Joey and Kariselle
Joey Sasso won over everyone’s hearts and $100,000 while on season 1 of Netflix’s The Circle ( Source: TheThings)
Joey and Miranda Bissonnette were two participants who weren’t catfish and ultimately had a love relationship in the first season of The Circle.
However, it appears that Joey and Miranda are no longer a couple, which is unfortunate for their fans. Despite this, they both remained close after the program ended.
The pair from “The Perfect Match,” Joey and Kariselle, keep their relationship status a secret.

Joey and Kariselle: age gap revealed

Joey was 25 years old when he participated in The Circle season 1, a famous Netflix television series.

As the Actor and winner of the show The Circle was born on December 13, 1993, he will turn 30 at the end of the year.

Kariselle has crowned Miss New Jersey at the Miss USA pageant in 2020, and she posts many pictures of her cosplaying on her Instagram account.

A native of New Jersey, Kariselle was reportedly born on December 19, 1955, so she will turn 28 this year.

Joey Sasso
Joey Sasso From ‘The Circle’ Asked Lady Gaga on a McDonald’s Date ( Source: Cosmopolitan)

The reality shows The Perfect Match’s most famous pair share only two years of age gap.

They both are rising stars working professionally as performers and media personalities with tons of fans worldwide.

In addition, as a television personality and model, Kariselle is also a musical artist who shares her songs through her social media accounts, including TikTok and Instagram.

Sasso is also an actor actively engaged in social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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