JV Wild 94.9 Lyme Disease, Is He Sick? Wife And Missing Case Update

JV Wild 94.9 Lyme Disease and missing news have been circulating on social media, as the radio personality is loved by many. 

Jeffrey ‘JV’ Vandergrift is a prominent Wild 94.9 radio show host. According to the San Francisco Police Department, he is now missing and considered dangerous. Vandergrift is a white man who is 54 years old and stands roughly 6 feet tall.

JV was last seen wearing black sweatpants and had brown eyes, and was bald. Vandergrift grew up in Fremont and attended Fremont High School. He debuted his morning show at 25, becoming the highest-rated show in San Francisco history.

During the 1990s and 2000s, she co-hosted the Doghouse show on Wild 94.9. He shared the show’s hosting duties with Dan “Elvis” Lay and Lance “Hollywood” Otani.

JV and Natasha own a production company together, according to the Wild 94.9 website. They’ve written, directed, and edited music videos, short films, and a YouTube series. 

After an on-air ‘controversy,’ ‘JV’ relocated to New York for a while before returning to San Francisco with his wife, Natasha Yi. After he returned to the bay area, he began presenting the “JV Show” on Wild 94.9.

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JV Wild 94.9 Lyme Disease, Is He Sick?

Jeffrey Vandergrift vanished from his radio program profession in 2021, causing great suspicion about his location. The physicians claimed they couldn’t determine what was wrong with him throughout this period.

JV returned to the airwaves in April 2022, announcing his diagnosis of Lyme disease. It provoked a deluge of good wishes and condolences from his followers.

JV At Some Event At Alcatraz Federal Prison (Source: Instagram)

Lyme illness produces brain fog, convulsions, and other disorders that limit the victim’s mental health and affect their physical health. The sickness makes it difficult for victims to continue their daily lives. Vandergrift added that he dealt with s*lf-h*rm notions and promised to return to the airwaves as soon as feasible.

JV attempted to commit suicide a few months ago. His model wife, Natasha Yi, discovered him in the garage, unconscious in the car. An ambulance was dispatched, and once it was determined that Lyme disease was to blame for his suicidal inclinations, they sought treatment together.

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JV Wife Natasha: What Happened Between Them? 

JV was last seen near his residence in the 200 block of King Street, San Francisco, at about 10 pm on February 23, 2023. Jeffrey Vandergrift departed from his radio hosting profession in 2021, sparking great suspicion about his location. 

His admirers reacted with condolences and well wishes. JV took a hiatus from radio in 2021, but he returned in April 2022 to announce that he had been diagnosed with severe Lyme illness. 

JV returned to the airwaves in April 2022, stating he had Lyme illness. The doctors indicated that they could not determine his ailment throughout this period.

JV With His Wife Natasha Yi (Source: Instagram)

He claimed that the sickness caused him to feel like he was in a fog and that other symptoms forced him to leave the radio booth. Brain fog, convulsions, and other Lyme disease symptoms limit the victim’s mental well-being and impact their physical well-being. 

Because of the sickness, victims struggle to go about their daily lives. JV tried to commit suicide a few months ago. Natasha Yi, his attractive wife, discovered him in the garage; he had passed out in the car. 

After it was determined that Lyme disease was the root reason, an ambulance was dispatched, and they sought treatment together.

JV Missing Case Update

JV from Wild 94.9’s The JV Show, Jeffrey Vandergrift, was last seen around 10 pm on Thursday.

According to SFPD, he was last seen at his house in the 200 block of King Street in San Francisco.

Anybody who sees Vandergrift is encouraged to phone 911 and report his position and description, according to police.

Anyone with information regarding his location is asked to phone the SFPD tip line at (415) 575-4444 or text a tip to TIP411 with “SFPD” at the beginning of the message.

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