Outlast: Brian Kahrs Age Height Wikipedia Bio And Wife

Brian Kahrs Age

Brian Edward Kahrs is a model known for “Noxious” as Detective Brian Calloway. His physique has made the viewers ask about Brian Kahrs’s age.

Brian is a US-based actor involved in various movies and TV shows. He has been in Hollywood as an actor and production designer.

He has been recently seen in the upcoming Netflix reality TV show “Outlast.” The show is based on survival in the extreme Alaskan wild, where 16 survivalists compete to win a massive cash prize of more than 1 million dollars, but these lone wolves must be part of a team to win.

Brian has been seen many times in a sound physique, including the outlast. His incredible body has created curiosity among his viewers about his age.

Brian Kahrs Age

Brian Kahrs is currently 60 years old. The actor was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York, in 1963.

At a young age, he noticed his greater muscle size and strength, making him feel different than other kids of the same age. While attending elementary school on Long Island, he excelled in art and sports.

He also ought to utilize his strengths and started lifting weights at age eight after an older neighborhood kid informed him that he could quickly become “the toughest kid on the block “by lifting weights every day. This fascinated him in his childhood and soon turned out to be his habit and profession. 

The actor was an extrovert and spent little time indoors during childhood. He devoted all his free time to the outdoors, playing street sports and exploring small patches of forest on Long Island.

Brian Kahrs Age
Brian Kahrs has shown a significant transformation in his physique since his days as a worker. (Source: Instagram)

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brian Kahrs Wikipedia bio

Brian was born into a middle-class family. His father, Freddy was a truck driver, also known as “Freeway Freddy.” His mother June was a factory worker and house cleaner. At the age of 8, he and his family relocated to New York City. 

At age 10 he began working as a newspaper delivery boy after school. He also worked throughout his school years as a night shift factory and restaurant worker.

During junior high school, because of his mischievous habits in his childhood, he was given the nickname “Ziggy” by his teachers and peers, named after the popular newspaper comic strip character of that era.

While growing up during the 70s and 80s in the tough streets of New York Brian spent a lot of time interacting with a wide range of characters with a vast array of personalities.

His ability to incorporate memories of these different character types into acting roles helped earn him earn a reputation as a very versatile actor in his later years.

During his pre-teen era, he began to experiment with creating humorous videos with his mother’s 8mm video camera and quickly fell in love with entertainment as a hobby.

Later in life, Brian would utilize the video-producing skills he acquired as a youth to become a successful viral video creator. As of now, the artist has already worked in more than 8 movies as an actor including 2 movies as a Designer.

After graduating high school Brian would begin a long grueling career in construction. After several years as a worker, he became an apprentice in the masonry trade.

The asphalt worker became a full-time master block mason and continued in the construction industry for more than 3 decades. He has estimated that his arms have laid in excess of 1.5 million cinder blocks during his career.

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brian Kahrs wife

Brian Kahrs is currently in a romantic relationship with Svetlana Smitt. She is from Russia. The couple seems to be in a long-distance relationship as the actor lives in The US where as Smitt lives in Russia.


Brian Kahrs Age
Brian and Svetlana Smitt love working out together. (Source: Facebook)

However, Smitt loves the USA and frequently visits the country to meet her boyfriend. The couple has been together since 2014 and loves each other’s company.

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