Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom Age And Wikipedia Bio: Family And Net Worth

Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom Age And Wikipedia

People are curious to learn about Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom. After being enchanted by the contestant’s beauty and cooking skills, fans shift their attention to her family and net worth. Lundstrom is the latest participant of Barbecue Showdown and a stay-at-home mom. 

With the release of the latest Netflix season of Barbecue Showdown in 2023, fans were searching for new contestants. The show features Michelle Lundstrom as one of the eight contestants. 

Michelle Lundstrom, nicknamed The Money Michelle, is from Long Island, New York. She has Sicilian roots.

Passionate housewife and griller, Michelle, is the host of the Absolute Fire podcast.

The Barbecue Showdown star shares her love for cooking and food via social media. She shares her recipes via Instagram posts and TikTok videos.

Michelle Buteau is the show host while Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bludso serve as the show judges. The Netflix show’s contestants compete for the American pit Master title with a whopping $50 Thousand win prize.

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Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom Wikipedia And Age

Passionate cook Michelle Lundstrom is a contestant on the most anticipated cooking reality show, Barbecue Showdown. The show’s second season is streaming on Netflix.

The Barbecue Showdown’s contestant was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She is originally of Sicilian roots. Her passion for grilling brought her to the competition.

Unfortunately, there is no public information regarding Michelle Lundstrom’s birthday and year. As she has just begun her television career and received fame, her current age is a mystery online. 

Michelle believes her multitasking skills improved as she is a stay-at-home mom. Her skill will prove invaluable in the intense challenges of the Netflix show.

Likewise, Lundstrom’s love for food and cooking outwits the competition. Even before her entry into the show, she began hosting the Absolute Fire podcast. Also, she shares her recipes on Instagram and TikTok, where she has gained a decent following.

Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom wikipedia
Barbecue Showdown contestant Michelle Lundstrom. (Source: TikTok)

Moreover, Michelle’s participation in Barbecue Showdown holds a deeper value. Her focus is typically on skills, experiences, and motivations within the competition.

Michelle’s dedication to barbecuing is a more significant highlight in relation to her participation in the show.

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Meet Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom Family

The information online only mentions her participation in Barbecue Showdown Season 2 but rarely reveals her family background. Reportedly, Barbecue Showdown contestant Michelle Lundstrom developed a passion for grilling from her late Father, Howard.

She is motivated to make her late Father proud. Similarly, Michelle’s participation in Barbecue Showdown holds a deeper value as she aims to win for her late Father. Her Father passed away 14 years back.

She admiringly recalls her Father’s expertise in grilling jumbo shrimp and cherishes his memories. She remembers as she learned a lot from him.

However, it is essential to respect the individual’s privacy and not make assumptions about her family’s private information when it is not provided.

With Lundstrom’s determination and showcasing of her Father’s legacy, she clearly is a tough competitor to watch in the second season of Barbecue Showdown.

Net Worth Of Barbecue Showdown Michelle Lundstrom 

Unfortubately, there is no information available on Michelle Lundstrom’s net worth yet as she has just started her journey. 

It is possible that Michelle may have not a dedicated salary and earning source. However, this doesn’t diminish her potential to win the second season of The Barbecue Showdown on Netflix.

As the Ntetflix show showcases the contestants competing for a $50 Thousand cash prize and the American pit Master title.

Barbecue Showdown. Michelle Lundstrom net worth
Barbecue Showdown contestant Michelle Lundstrom’s net worth is a mystery. (Source: Reality Titbit)

In addition Michelle Lundstrom is known by many names on social media, including The Money Michelle. The stay-at-home mom also hosts the Absolute Fire podcast, and could earn via sharing her recipes on social media platforms.

While there may not be a specific figure of her net worth, Michelle Lundstrom’s presence on Barbecue Showdown and her culinary expertise showcase her multitasking abilities to her craft, making her a formidable competitor in the show.

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