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Larissa Sewell

Larissa Sewell is a contestant on the 15th season of MasterChef Australia, a popular cooking reality show. Many netizens have been curious about her life, especially Larissa Sewell Age. So, here is everything you need to know about her.

Larissa Sewell is one of the contestants on the 15th season of MasterChef Australia. Larissa Sewell is a stay-at-home mum from South Australia. 

She has been passionate about food since she was a child and learned to cook from her grandmother.

Larissa Sewell decided to participate in MasterChef Australia 2023 to demonstrate her exceptional cooking abilities.

Following the competition, her aspirations include establishing a cozy cooking school where she can share her knowledge and passion with others.

Additionally, Larissa dreams of embarking on more journeys, exploring different cuisines and cultures, and pursuing her talent for food and culture writing.

Larissa Sewell Age- how old is she?

Though the exact birth date of Larissa is yet to be revealed, however, she is 39 years old as of 2024.

Larissa Sewell draws a lot of inspiration from her Ukrainian and Russian background, and her grandmother, whom she affectionately refers to as “babushka,” has significantly shaped Larissa’s identity as a woman and her skills as a cook.

Larissa Sewell Age
Larissa Sewell with other contestants of Master Chef Australia. (Source: Instagram)

Her grandmother’s teachings and the traditions she has passed down have played a vital role in Larissa’s development.

Larissa’s grandparents had to escape Russia during the Russian Revolution and found refuge in China’s Xinjiang region.

Growing up in this cultural fusion, Larissa was exposed to a rich blend of unique and distinct flavors.

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Larissa Sewell Wikipedia Bio explored

There is no official Wikipedia page of Larissa Sewell. However, she has gained the attention of the netizens after appearing in Masterchef Australia.

Larissa Sewell is a stay-at-home mom from Adelaide. She worked as a corporate trainer and English tutor in the past.

When she became a mother to twin boys, Sasha and Misha, who are now nine years old, Larissa took a break from her professional career to focus on her family.

Larissa Sewell
Larissa Sewell during a challenge. (Source: Instagram)

During this time, she explored family-friendly work options and successfully ran a small fruit and vegetable co-op as well as a grazing platter business.

Larissa was raised in different cultures which helped her to get experience new and diverse cultures.

Likewise, Her time living and working in the United States and South Korea added to her culinary experiences, expanding her palate and influencing her diverse cooking style.

She describes her approach to cooking as generous, abundant, and bursting with flavors.

Larissa’s background and global experiences have shaped her into a cook with a wide range of influences and a passion for creating delicious and vibrant dishes.

In April 2023, it was revealed that Larissa would be one of the participants in the 15th season of MasterChef Australia.

Larissa Sewell Partner – who is he?

Larissa Sewell is happily married to her husband, Troy, although details about Troy’s background and personal life are not widely available.

Larissa and Troy have been married for a significant period of time, and throughout their journey together, they have been blessed with the joy of raising their two beautiful children.

While specific information about Troy may be limited, they share a strong bond with each other. She with her husband live in Adelaide.

Larissa Sewell Instagram explored

Larissa Sewell is very much active on Instagram and goes by the name @feastwithlarissa. She has more than 24,000 followers on her account.

Larissa often shares photos and videos about her work on Instagram. She sometimes shares tidbits about her personal life.

Larissa Sewell
Larissa Sewell’s official Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Larissa was initially eliminated from Masterchef Australia on May 16, but to everyone’s surprise, she made a remarkable comeback to the show on May 21 and is currently back in the competition.

We wish her the best for the upcoming challenges.

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