Did Homelander Really Assault Becca? Rape Butcher Wife In The Boys

Did Homelander Really Assault Becca

Did Homelander Really Assault Becca? Revealing the reality behind the frequently asked query, as the superhero is said to have assaulted Butcher’s spouse in the well-known action show, “The Boys.”

The Homelander (John Gillman), nicknamed “Living Weapon,” is The Seven’s powerful yet narcissistic leader, Vought-American’s premier group of superheroes in The Boys universe.

Though publicly revered, he is an egotistical sociopath who cares little for others.

In the Amazon Prime adaptation, Homelander is portrayed by Antony Starr as the tyrannical son of Soldier Boy and the father of Ryan Butcher.

Beneath his heroic facade lies a sadistic and hedonistic man who serves as the archenemy of Billy Butcher.

This superhero has appeared across The Boys franchise, including in the animated series Diabolical and Death Battle.

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Did Homelander Assault Becca?

The story of “The Boys” changes slightly when it jumps from comic books to the Amazon Prime TV show.

One big question is: “Did Homelander assault Becca?” In the original comics, a character named Black Noir, who turns out to be a copy of the main antagonist, is responsible for a terrible thing that happened to Becca.

But in the TV show, it’s different. They depict John personally committing a wrongful act against her.

Becca, a character in the story, goes through a tough time. She becomes pregnant after this bad thing happens, and she’s scared because he has dangerous powers.

Did Homelander Really Assault Becca
A common question about Homelander is, “Did Homelander Assault Becca? ” {Source: YouTube)

She hides the pregnancy and runs away to keep her child safe.

Years later, Gillman tells Billy Butcher what exactly happened. It’s a tense moment in the TV series when Becca’s secret life with her son Ryan is revealed.

The show clearly says that Homelander is the one who did the wrong thing to Becca, changing things from the comics, where it was someone else.

This change affects how the characters feel about each other and worsens his actions. The TV show’s version helps it stand out and deals with the severe topic.

Homelander Rape Butcher Wife In The Boys

Within the narrative of “The Boys,” a complex and dark story takes shape, delving into the unsettling incident involving the violation of Becca, the spouse of Billy Butcher, by the formidable superhero Homelander.

Her initial association with Vought, the influential conglomerate behind the superheroes, begins innocently.

She encounters John at a Vought event, an encounter that rapidly transforms into a horrifying ordeal as he perpetrates an assault and rape.

This brutal act leaves her traumatized and pregnant, with her child inheriting superhuman abilities due to the evil superhero’s genetic makeup.

Struggling to navigate the aftermath, she conceals the truth from her husband, Billy Butcher, with the support of Vought’s Dr. Vogelbaum.

Under duress, she enters into an agreement that compels her to maintain secrecy about the assault and her pregnancy, erasing her from Butcher’s life.

Vought makes Becca disappear so that the main antagonist in “The Boys” looks better. This makes her husband think that she got hurt because of them.

Did Homelander Really Assault Becca
The killing of Billy Butcher’s wife in the original comics is much more terrible than in The Boys TV series. (Source: screenrant)

As time passes, the revelation of Homelander’s heinous actions comes to light. He confesses to Butcher that he bears responsibility for Becca’s assault and the conception of her child.

Fueled by rage and horror, Butcher seeks vengeance against the “Living Weapon.” In contrast, Becca endeavors to establish an everyday life for her son, Ryan, who inherits his father’s superpowers.

The unfolding narrative sees her struggle intensify as John and Stormfront manipulate Ryan, urging him to embrace his extraordinary abilities.

When Ryan is abducted, Butcher’s wife aligns herself with her husband in a desperate bid to rescue him.

Tragically, her story ends with an unfortunate and upsetting death, showing how many deep feelings and difficult choices are part of “The Boys.”

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