Is Lord Miles Missing Or Is He Still In Afghanistan? Age Wikipedia Bio And Twitter

Lord Miles

The fans wonder if Lord Miles is missing or if he is still in Afghanistan. At the middle of August 2021, he became a social media sensation.

Lord Miles is popular on the social media platform and shares videos of his exploration of dangerous places in the world.

The video’s producer gained national attention in 2021 after posting footage and photos of himself trapped in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s and their supporters’ attack against the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s government.

However, the social media influencer was among those who were able to safely escape the horrible situation and fly to Dubai.

Recently, the public figure has again gained the attention of the media and people on the internet as news of his disappearance has circulated.

Is Lord Miles Missing Or Is He Still In Afghanistan?

On March 15, 2023, the Twitter account under the user name “Taliban PRD” posted that they had lost contact with the influencer in the past few days.

As per the tweet, the last location sighting was in eastern Afghanistan on the 6th of March. He has already visited the country, back in 2021, when the Taliban took over the country.

Lord Miles
The news of Lord Miles’s disappearance has worried his fans. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, the content creator has been inactive on his social media platforms for quite a bit now. According to sources, his friends have done their best to track him down.

Moreover, the UK embassy in Islamabad has been alerted by the foreign ministry about the missing case of the social media star. There is not much information on the internet about this case as of now.

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Lord Miles Age And Wikipedia Bio 

Miles Routledge, who is most popularly known as Lord Miles, is a Youtuber, journalist, and social media influencer from England. He was born on September 14, 1999, and is currently 23 years old.

The young content creator is a physics student at Loughborough University. He is mostly known for traveling to and documenting the world’s most dangerous places.

Lord Miles missing
The British social media influencer Lord Miles who enjoys travelling to the most dangerous places on Earth. (Source: Twitter)

The YouTuber visited Afghanistan in 2021, a landlocked nation at the crossroads of Central and South Asia. The trip was life-changing for the youngster, as he got trapped in the country after the Taliban forces took over the country.

However, the content creator was able to escape the country successfully. He shared his experiences and documented some of the event and posted it on his social media handle, from which he started gaining fame and earned the name “Lord Miles” for surviving the horrifying event.

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Lord Miles – Twitter

The Traveler has a Twitter account under the username @real_lord_miles. He joined the social media platform in August 2021. He currently has 144.8k followers on his account.

The content creator often shares pictures from his travel diaries to the world’s scariest places. He also gives insights about the place that he is planning a trip to and shares information about the trip.

Lord Miles
The last post of the content creator before going missing in Afghanistan. (Source: Twitter)

The last post by the social media influencer was a picture of himself wearing Afghani clothes, which was posted on February 24, 2023.

Moreover, the Youtuber has been missing and has not posted since his last post. His Twitter followers have been worried about him and are sharing information about him on the internet so that anyone who has seen him can lead the legal department and help them find him.

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