Darian Jarrott Autopsy Report And Shooting Video, Cause Of Death And Case Details

Darian Jarrott

Additional information has been revealed regarding the events leading up to the killing of Police Officer Darian Jarrott. People want to know the result of Darian Jarrott Autopsy.

The NMSP recently made public the lapel and dashcam footage, which reveals the sequence of events.

However, KRQE News 13 has chosen to display only a limited portion of the footage to be sure about the event that took place in 2021.

On February 4, a traffic stop was conducted by Officer Darian on a white pickup truck traveling eastbound on Interstate 10, just east of Deming.

Officer Jarrott instructed the driver, identified as 39-year-old Omar Felix Cueva, to step out of the vehicle.

Cueva then emerged from the driver’s side of the truck while holding an AR-15-style rifle and proceeded to shoot at Officer Jarrott as he walked toward the back of the truck.

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Darian Jarrott Autopsy Report And Shooting Video,

The netizens wonder about the Darian Jarrott autopsy report and further details about the exact cause of the death of late office Darian.

The New Mexico State Police have released footage capturing the horrific moment when Officer Daina was ruthlessly shot and killed in cold blood while conducting a traffic stop on a drug dealer carrying an assault weapon.

The video comprises both dashcam and bodycam footage from the late officer Jarrott’s encounter with Omar Felix Cueva on February 4th on the 1-10 highway outside Las Cruces.

Darian Jarrott autopsy
‘He wore his badge proudly’: Family remembers NMSP officer Darian Jarrott (Source: Deming Headlight)

Although the police did not provide the exact number of shots that hit Officer Jarrott, they alleged that Cueva shot him at close range in the back of his head.

Initially, the police stated that Darian was working with Homeland Security investigations during the incident and that an HSI agent had alerted the state police dispatch following the shooting.

Further information related to Darian Jarrott Autopsy reports is not made public to protect his privacy.

Darian Jarrott case details 

Upon being located by law enforcement officers, Cueva stopped his vehicle and began firing at the officers before returning to his truck and continuing to travel east on Interstate 10.

The Las Cruces PD, Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office, and U.S. Border Patrol collaborated with the state police to pursue Cueva.

Officers deployed tire deflation devices near the Picacho exit on Interstate 10 to stop the pickup truck. Still, Cueva continued to flee, with law enforcement officers exchanging gunfire as he fled.

Darian Jarrott
The stretch of I-10 in Luna County dedicated as a memorial for slain officer Darian Jarrott (Source: KVIA)

Ultimately, an officer used the PIT maneuver, which involved a pursuing vehicle forcing the suspect vehicle to make an abrupt sideways turn to stop Cueva.

After being shot by Cueva, officer Jarrott fell on his back, and Cueva proceeded to circle the vehicle, firing several additional shots.

Darian Jarrott cause of Death

According to state officials, Jarrott was hit by the gunfire and was shot at close range in the back of his head, resulting in his death at the scene.

Following the incident, law enforcement agencies at both the state and local levels were alerted, and Cueva was eventually found by state police officers traveling on Interstate 10 towards the east.

According to a civil complaint, Officer Jarrott was placed in an ambush situation without any support, protection, or sufficient information about his danger level. This led to his brutal murder.’

Darian Jarrott
Here’s what we learned in the wrongful death suit of Darian Jarrott filed against State Police (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Darian Jarrott, who was 28 years old, hailed from Lordsburg and had been a certified law enforcement officer since 2014. He has worked with the state police since 2015 and was stationed in Deming.

Darian was a father to his children and was expecting his fourth child with his partner at the time of his death.

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